Conan Movie delayed?

During the New York Comiccon Comic author Rob Liefeld talked about a Youngblood movie project helmed by Brett Ratner. In this interview Liefeld mentioned that the Youngblood movie would take precedence over the Conan project for Ratner:

Liefeld told us Reliance and Ratner want to get the project off the ground “asap”, and mentioned a 2012 release date as “optimal”.

Liefeld also told us that Ratner’s Conan project (which the Hollywood Reporter reported last fall he was an “negotiations” to direct) is behind Youngblood in the director’s pecking order and a deal for that other film was not even finalized as of a few weeks ago.

This can either mean that Ratner is no longer involved with Conan, or that Conan will be moved back or, and with the track record of Liefelds projects this seemed most likley, that Liefeld voiced his wished, rather then and facts.