Conan of Bulgaria?

One of the companies involved in the production of the new Conan movie is Nu Image/Millienium Pictures. They have a studio facility in Bulgaria. In fact, Fredrik Malmberg confirmed that he expects at least some filming to take place in Bulgaria.

So now we may have a sneak peak into the sets that may be used or adapted for Hyborian locations. Nu Boyana studios built a sizeable “ancient Rome” backlot set for such features as The Roman Mysteries.

And we know that many of Conan’s adventures take place in ancient lands not unlike the ancient Roman empire.

You may be able to see a slideshow here:

Select “facilities” then “Roman set”.

With almost 900 sq.m, Nu Boyana offers one of the grandest standing Roman sets in the world. It comprises a central city square, a mini colosseum, a roman garden, narrow streets and alley’s, training quarters and a variety of interiors. Productions who used this set include Spartacus, War Inc. and Roman Mysteries.