Millenium Films extended their option on Conan license

As announced in this swedish press release, which thankfully was translated by Gullbrand Millenium Films extended their option on the Conan movie license.

Option on Conan films extended for around four million kroner (Swedish currency)

The production company Millennium Films has, in accordance to the agreement, extended it’s option to produce films with Paradox Entertainment’s character Conan. The company has received 500 000 dollar for the extension. The extended option matures in November 2009. Any further extension after this is possible for a further nine month period, at which time the option must be exercised, or the rights return to Paradox Entertainment.

Just now Millennium Films are conducting preparations in its studio in Nu Boyana, Bulgaria, for a planned film start this summer. Fredrik Malmberg, who is creative producer for the film, works together with Millennium and its distributor Lionsgate with the hiring of key personnel, right now mainly a director, but also actors, production designer etc

This is great news and it further pushes the hope of this movie really becoming reality!

Conan of Bulgaria?

One of the companies involved in the production of the new Conan movie is Nu Image/Millienium Pictures. They have a studio facility in Bulgaria. In fact, Fredrik Malmberg confirmed that he expects at least some filming to take place in Bulgaria.

So now we may have a sneak peak into the sets that may be used or adapted for Hyborian locations. Nu Boyana studios built a sizeable “ancient Rome” backlot set for such features as The Roman Mysteries.

And we know that many of Conan’s adventures take place in ancient lands not unlike the ancient Roman empire.

You may be able to see a slideshow here:

Select “facilities” then “Roman set”.

With almost 900 sq.m, Nu Boyana offers one of the grandest standing Roman sets in the world. It comprises a central city square, a mini colosseum, a roman garden, narrow streets and alley’s, training quarters and a variety of interiors. Productions who used this set include Spartacus, War Inc. and Roman Mysteries.

Conan Publisher in trouble?

As deadlinehollywooddaily interpreted yesterday on the basis of the quarterly report from Lionsgate, their financial situation is not the best one. Since Lionsgate signed up to be the Publisher for the new Conan movie it may be a bad sign for the publishing situation which could result in no publishing or cheap publishing – meaning less advertisement and less broad starting cinemas – lets hope that either Lionsgate catches up some speed in the coming quarters or Millenium Films decides to publish together with someones else, that does not stand on shaky feet.

Luckily the Conan Movie Producer decided early on that they were going to pull of the financing part of the movie alone and not involve the publisher too much, that at least gives us hope, that we will not see Lionsgate pushing out a cheap, cash-in version of a Conan movie.