Brett Ratner talks about Conan casting in MTV interview

This guy is really not letting any of his fishes slip. Yesterday MTV interviewed Ratner and asked him some questions about Conan casting. While MTV might over interpret his answers, as he is just stating what he thinks might be best, this could also mean that Mr. Project Ratner, the man of a thousand projects is trying to tackle Conan too.

I think after him stating that he is doing so many movies and Conan being his least choice and that he read the Comics (and if he’d heard of the books he would have mentioned it at that point).. its really time to ditch this director. He doesn’t know and openly stated doesn’t care enough about this license.

But until we have any official confirmation on the who’s going to direct Conan it seems Ratner likes to keep himself in the talks. Perhaps that’s also his (obviously working) strategy to look like a wanted man in Hollywood.

Brett Ratner off Conan for now?

Since the latest news hinted at a soon to be started shooting of the new Conan movie, this news reported by geeksofdoom (via CB) hints at the fact that Ratner might just miss his opportunity to ruin bring our most beloved Cimmerian to life.

Ratner’s next movie seems to be a team-up project of Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy called Trump Heist. Since it was stated that his next project will neither be Beverly Hills Cop 4 nor Conan (and he said himself that BHC4 would come before Conan), the chances are very good that he will not be the director for the new Conan movie, since even a very effective and on-time working Ratner cannot pull off two movies within less than half a year to meet the summer shooting plans for Conan.

Lets see how this turns out and if Ratner is just as unhappy about this leaked information as he was about Lerner leaking he was on Conan. Hollywood’s a never ending tornado of rumors and missed opportunities, so you never know what might blow up around just around the corner.

Brett Ratner still on the project?

Rumours, Rumours everyday, but what would we do without them? We would be bored, right? 🙂

Drew McWeeny wrote in an article on hitfix that even though he thinks it seems unrealistic how many movies Brett is doing right now he was together with Avi in Bulgaria.

Because Ratner was in Bulgaria this week.  With Avi Lerner.  I’m pretty damn sure about that.
And Bulgaria is where Avi Lerner is producing “Conan.”  I’m pretty damn sure about that, too.

The fact that he’s so damn sure about it really makes us think how Brett can pursue so many movies at the same time and why Avi would bring such a man to Bulgaria, if he is so occupied with other projects, that come first in the mind of Brett Ratner, as he stated himself in December. Why show your studios to a director that wants to do 2-3 movies before Conan that have not even started filming?

We will see what the future brings and if the fact that Ratner really is a busy man will bring us another director, that has more heart for the new Conan movie.

Conan Movie delayed?

During the New York Comiccon Comic author Rob Liefeld talked about a Youngblood movie project helmed by Brett Ratner. In this interview Liefeld mentioned that the Youngblood movie would take precedence over the Conan project for Ratner:

Liefeld told us Reliance and Ratner want to get the project off the ground “asap”, and mentioned a 2012 release date as “optimal”.

Liefeld also told us that Ratner’s Conan project (which the Hollywood Reporter reported last fall he was an “negotiations” to direct) is behind Youngblood in the director’s pecking order and a deal for that other film was not even finalized as of a few weeks ago.

This can either mean that Ratner is no longer involved with Conan, or that Conan will be moved back or, and with the track record of Liefelds projects this seemed most likley, that Liefeld voiced his wished, rather then and facts.