Exclusive Conan Movie Interview with Fredrik Malmberg

Fredrik: We are happy with where the script is, always polishing until the final shoot of course. We are hoping to announce our director in January, and we have budgeted the script and looked at locations for shooting. The majority will be done in Bulgaria and some in China, and the film start date is set for June for a summer 2010 release.

Conan Publisher in trouble?

As deadlinehollywooddaily interpreted yesterday on the basis of the quarterly report from Lionsgate, their financial situation is not the best one. Since Lionsgate signed up to be the Publisher for the new Conan movie it may be a bad sign for the publishing situation which could result in no publishing or cheap publishing – meaning […]

Dirk Blackman talks about Conan

Even if this is a bit old news, Dirk Blackman, one of the screenplay writers of the new Conan movie has created his own blog. The main topic of the blog is his new movie Outlander, that was directed by his Co-Writer from Conan and other movies – those guys make for a great team […]

Conan Movie delayed?

During the New York Comiccon Comic author Rob Liefeld talked about a Youngblood movie project helmed by Brett Ratner. In this interview Liefeld mentioned that the Youngblood movie would take precedence over the Conan project for Ratner: Liefeld told us Reliance and Ratner want to get the project off the ground “asap”, and mentioned a […]

The Conan Movie Blog opens its gates

If all goes well we will see a reboot of the Conan license in form of a movie in 2010. Because that is not so far off, we thought it is time to start a little blog that will collect all available information on exactly this topic: The new Conan movie. Since this is not […]

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