Brett Ratner talks to MTV about Conan script

Again Mr. Brett Ratner, the man of a thousand projects, talks to MTV about the new Conan Movie and this time about the script in question. He still does not say that he is with the project, but the specifies that the script he looked at was written from Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain and not from the other ones. He also states that he is very close to a descision on the project and that the script is close to the original.

Now we don’t know how familiar Ratner is with the original works of REH, but at least he pretends that the script is close to the original and therefore the latest rumored script might not be the one they are going to make into a movie in the end.

If Ratner really takes on the Conan project, he better puts all his effort into it, because the hungry Conan fans are barbaric by nature and if he treats their baby like X-Men 3, he might end up getting his head chopped off… metaphoricly speaking of course 😉

Conan REH stories brought to life in a TV series by a British Production company

As reported in the official Conan boards a British production company, also consisting of people who created the Rome TV series, are planning to pursue a TV series based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan short stories.

Due to Copyright reasons they are going to use the Public Domain stories as the source for the series, to avoid any trouble with CPI and not use the Conan name in the advertisement or title of the treatment. As reported by an associate of the group the usage of the name Conan in the series itself is not prohibited, since it is a very common Gaelic name.

The present working title for the first treatment is supposed to be “Robert E Howard’s The Devil In Iron” and they plan to make it with a 90 minute length. Not much more than these outlines are known yet as the project itself is in its early stages.

To me this sounds very interesting as the adaptation of the REH stories directly points out to be much closer than any movie can ever go, due to different market, costs and structure of a series compared to a full feature film. The fact that creatives from Rome are involved spawns even more hope, because i personally thought the series was done with the right production values and had the right detail to characters and setting that many movies cannot afford due to time limitations (recent example Watchmen, which is a great movie but feels a bit “stuffed”).

Solomon Kane film is nearly finished

Solomon Kane is another one of Robert E. Howards more famous characters he created in his short stories and poems. Just as Conan he is kind of a bad-ass and the stories itself are just as action packed and well written, so i thought i give you an update on the status of this REH movie.

As the director of the new upcoming Solomon Kane film wrote on his private blog, the new Solomon Kane film has reached the last stage of active, creative work: the sound mixing. He is spending some time personally in the sound studio  in London to supervise the mixing of the several hundreds of sound layers per scene. In the last weeks and months he has continuously posted little articles talking about the movie on his blog, including some set shots that give a little hint on the quality of the set design and it looks amazing.

Lets hope once Conan has a director he will be just as passionate and into the whole production as Bassett is on Solomon Kane and maybe gives us small insights on the production via a blog too, since those views through the keyhole are really what make a “production” more personal and interesting to follow than just official news and trailers.

Preview of the Conan Screenplay First Draft by Thomas Donnelly

A supposed to be preview of the first draft of the screenplay by Thomas Donelly seems to have slipped into public and some reviewer got its hands on the script. have published a preview of the screenplay in a kind of video-podcast where a speaker talks about the rough ongoings in the Conan script.

Nothing in the script connects to what REH has written about Conan’s life, his character, the ethical background of barbarism against civilization or any other important part of REH’s Conan for that matter. It’s a complete departure from REH. They created an evil sorcerer, just like in the first movie with Arnold, and gave Conan motivation by having the sorcerer come up with a plan that wipes out the whole Cimmerian race (?) – turning pet wolves into werewolves. Later Conan goes on by killing soldiers to get to that evil sorcerer to dispose him, because he is such an evil-doer. He also has a love interest, a female sorceress.

We will try to get in touch with Paradox to confirm or trash this rumor instantly.

UPDATE: We could not get any comment on the script or the preview itself from any official source, so this rumor will stay a rumor until we get more news.

Brett Ratner talks about Conan casting in MTV interview

This guy is really not letting any of his fishes slip. Yesterday MTV interviewed Ratner and asked him some questions about Conan casting. While MTV might over interpret his answers, as he is just stating what he thinks might be best, this could also mean that Mr. Project Ratner, the man of a thousand projects is trying to tackle Conan too.

I think after him stating that he is doing so many movies and Conan being his least choice and that he read the Comics (and if he’d heard of the books he would have mentioned it at that point).. its really time to ditch this director. He doesn’t know and openly stated doesn’t care enough about this license.

But until we have any official confirmation on the who’s going to direct Conan it seems Ratner likes to keep himself in the talks. Perhaps that’s also his (obviously working) strategy to look like a wanted man in Hollywood.

Brett Ratner off Conan for now?

Since the latest news hinted at a soon to be started shooting of the new Conan movie, this news reported by geeksofdoom (via CB) hints at the fact that Ratner might just miss his opportunity to ruin bring our most beloved Cimmerian to life.

Ratner’s next movie seems to be a team-up project of Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy called Trump Heist. Since it was stated that his next project will neither be Beverly Hills Cop 4 nor Conan (and he said himself that BHC4 would come before Conan), the chances are very good that he will not be the director for the new Conan movie, since even a very effective and on-time working Ratner cannot pull off two movies within less than half a year to meet the summer shooting plans for Conan.

Lets see how this turns out and if Ratner is just as unhappy about this leaked information as he was about Lerner leaking he was on Conan. Hollywood’s a never ending tornado of rumors and missed opportunities, so you never know what might blow up around just around the corner.

Millenium Films extended their option on Conan license

As announced in this swedish press release, which thankfully was translated by Gullbrand Millenium Films extended their option on the Conan movie license.

Option on Conan films extended for around four million kroner (Swedish currency)

The production company Millennium Films has, in accordance to the agreement, extended it’s option to produce films with Paradox Entertainment’s character Conan. The company has received 500 000 dollar for the extension. The extended option matures in November 2009. Any further extension after this is possible for a further nine month period, at which time the option must be exercised, or the rights return to Paradox Entertainment.

Just now Millennium Films are conducting preparations in its studio in Nu Boyana, Bulgaria, for a planned film start this summer. Fredrik Malmberg, who is creative producer for the film, works together with Millennium and its distributor Lionsgate with the hiring of key personnel, right now mainly a director, but also actors, production designer etc

This is great news and it further pushes the hope of this movie really becoming reality!

While we wait…

In times when true men patiently wait for more news or rumors on the upcoming Conan movie, they often refer to distraction and since the lamentation of the women would be a too obvious choice, we fall back to more standard distractions.

First we start with a refreshing remake of “Barbarian” from the C64. This flash game is quite a well done remake of the old classic Barbarian, and lets you fight against a human opponent or a computer enemy. They even included a well done remake of the old SID soundtrack. Play it and distract your thoughts!

Anyone who has grown up in a certain time and day might remember the quite cheesy comic version of Conan in TV. A fellow named Bleeek79 uploaded most (if not all) of the series to youtube. If you feel the need to shorten the waiting and if you just finished rereading Howard and if rewatching Ahnuld flex his muscles is too tiresome, then jump into the old cartoonish take on Conan and have a good laugh 😉

Brett Ratner still on the project?

Rumours, Rumours everyday, but what would we do without them? We would be bored, right? 🙂

Drew McWeeny wrote in an article on hitfix that even though he thinks it seems unrealistic how many movies Brett is doing right now he was together with Avi in Bulgaria.

Because Ratner was in Bulgaria this week.  With Avi Lerner.  I’m pretty damn sure about that.
And Bulgaria is where Avi Lerner is producing “Conan.”  I’m pretty damn sure about that, too.

The fact that he’s so damn sure about it really makes us think how Brett can pursue so many movies at the same time and why Avi would bring such a man to Bulgaria, if he is so occupied with other projects, that come first in the mind of Brett Ratner, as he stated himself in December. Why show your studios to a director that wants to do 2-3 movies before Conan that have not even started filming?

We will see what the future brings and if the fact that Ratner really is a busy man will bring us another director, that has more heart for the new Conan movie.

Conan of Bulgaria?

One of the companies involved in the production of the new Conan movie is Nu Image/Millienium Pictures. They have a studio facility in Bulgaria. In fact, Fredrik Malmberg confirmed that he expects at least some filming to take place in Bulgaria.

So now we may have a sneak peak into the sets that may be used or adapted for Hyborian locations. Nu Boyana studios built a sizeable “ancient Rome” backlot set for such features as The Roman Mysteries.

And we know that many of Conan’s adventures take place in ancient lands not unlike the ancient Roman empire.

You may be able to see a slideshow here:

Select “facilities” then “Roman set”.

With almost 900 sq.m, Nu Boyana offers one of the grandest standing Roman sets in the world. It comprises a central city square, a mini colosseum, a roman garden, narrow streets and alley’s, training quarters and a variety of interiors. Productions who used this set include Spartacus, War Inc. and Roman Mysteries.