Arnold Speaks on Conan, Sequels, and younger action stars

Arnold’s getting a fair bit of play. Shortly after the MTV interview, has its own piece, with more details – such as the interesting statement that Universal are interested in doing multiple movies: While it appeared for a little while there that Terminator 5, directed by Justin Lin, would be the first famous character […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses The Legend of Conan

Been a bit quiet again, but recently, MTV caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss The Legend of Conan: Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is finished with his political career as the Governor of California, he’s taken a place back in movie-making land, i.e., the place where we first got to know him and love him […]

Chris Morgan discusses The Legend of Conan

It’s been a month since the initial announcement, and things have been quiet. Hero Complex has a few words from Chris Morgan on The Legend of Conan: When screenwriter-producer Chris Morgan met with Arnold Schwarzenegger this fall to pitch him a proposed sequel to “Conan the Barbarian,” the Governator required convincing on one matter above […]

The Legend of Conan: Hopes and Dreams

Well, I’m back. Having been the castellan of the Conan Movie Blog for a long time, and being somewhat burned out, I was sure I wouldn’t be back, at least not so soon. But lo, Universal and Paradox have come to an agreement, and are looking to release The Legend of Conan for 2014. The […]

Conan is dead. Long live Conan.

It feels like it was yesterday when we left the cinema wondering, if we would ever see another Conan film again. While Momoa as Conan did a pretty good job, the vehicle he was transported in left most of the movie goers wanting. The movie was unsuccessful and a sequel was not to be expected. […]

Dark Horse’s Conan Art Contest

Thanks to Zach Davisson for the heads-up on the cover art contest: Conan the Barbarian returns in the most beloved tale of his career next month when Conan the Barbarian #1 by Brian Wood and art by Becky Cloonan hits shelves, and we want you, with a sword in hand–or pencil or paintbrush–to draw, paint, […]

Glenn Lord, The Greatest Howard Fan, 1931-2011

I haven’t posted much on the blog due to my moratorium, but I feel that this news is important to anyone who calls themselves a Conan fan. The news has come that Glenn Lord has died. If you know who Glenn Lord is, then you know no amount of words can really convey how important […]

The Filmgoer’s Guide to Conan the Barbarian (2011) Abridged

Those who’ve followed my personal blog will know I’ve been producing a fairly lengthy series discussing the relation of John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian to the original Robert E. Howard stories, patterned after the Encyclopedia of Arda’s Filmgoer’s Guides to the Lord of the Rings film adaptations. It seems inevitable, then, that I would produce […]

The Conan cast discuss the film at New York Comic Con

Jason Momoa was among the stars attending the New York Comic Con, and here’s a video of the panel, with Rose McGowan and Stephen Lang. They discuss things like fandom interaction, comparisons with San Diego Comic Con, ideal roles, and Conan being a “family film” (tongue-in-cheek, of course). I can’t embed the video, so you’ll […]

Stan Lee Media Inc. are STILL at it…

In what is looking increasingly like a screwball comedy, Hollywood Reporter reports (ahem) that Stan Lee Media Inc. are still trying to get Conan. In August, just as Conan the Barbarian 3D was released, Stan Lee Media Inc. filed a lawsuit in an effort to reclaim ownership on the fictional Conan character. The move by […]

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