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A REH purists insight on the Conan Movie

Patrice Louinet, a long time Howard purist and editor of his works, got to see several photographs from the Conan movie set and actors. Fredrik Malmberg, the CEO of Paradox Entertainment showed them to the REH fan and allowed him to open up his personal opinions on what he saw to the public to some […]

Shooting locations for Conan Movie in Bulgaria revealed!

Thanks to the comment made by “Stampfer”, we were directed to an article on filmneweurope, that reveals some of the shooting locations that the new Conan movie is supposedly shot at. The locales range from a river consisting of very large boulders, over mountain locations in the north of Bulgaria to the Mediterranean looking coastline […]

A visit on the set of the new Conan movie

A journalist of had the chance to visit the Conan film-set in Bulgaria in the Nu-Boyana Filmstudios in Sofia, to linger on the set and meet some of the movie’s stars in person. Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan were not present, but Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and Bob Sapp were there to […]

Gisella Marengo is cast as witch mother in Conan

It seems we are going to have a lot of motherly love in Conan, because the trusted source revealed, that another mom of one of the main cast – in this case the witch mother of Marique (Rose McGowan) – Italian actress Gisella Marengo has been cast. So far Gisella Marengo has been mostly active […]

Laila Rouass is going to be Conan’s mother

According to a trusted source, the mother, who gives birth to Conan on the battlefield and dies in the process, has been cast. It’s Laila Rouass! A UK born actress spending most of her career so far on the TV screens of the world. According to the plot synopsis and her casting description, the role […]

Conan shooting begins and main cast is confirmed

After Paradox and Millenium kept themselves pretty closed up about the recent casting rumours, that have been going around on the web and the start of principal photography, they released a press announcement on their company portal, in which they unveil and confirm pretty much all of the casting rumour we’ve been telling you about. […]

Another G.I.Joe joins the Conan Movie Cast – Said Taghmaoui

As reported by Hollywoodreporter, another actor from the G.I.Joe team joins the cast of the Conan Movie. Said Taghmaoui, who played the Breaker in G.I.Joe is going to join the cast and take over the role of a thief, that will be rescued by Conan. He will later on team up with Conan, to fight […]

Mickey Rourke is out Ron ‘Hellboy’ Perlman is in to play Conan’s father

As just reported by The Wrestler Mickey Rourke has signed off from playing Conan’s father and instead the infamous Ron Perlman has taken over the job literally in the last minute, since on the 9th March, Leo Howard wrote on his webpage, that he was flying over to Bulgaria to start shooting soon after. […]

Rumours abound on Conan Movie casting – Rose McGowan and Stephen Lang

The rumours about the upcoming Conan movie are going wild again. According to a source, that has been correct to often, to not believe it, Rose McGowan is going to play a yet unknown character called Marique in the Conan Movie. That name isn’t mentioned on the casting call, so we assume it’s a new […]

REH’s puritan Solomon Kane needs your demand!

Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan, created many awe inspiring heroes and one of them is Solomon Kane. As it is with all independent movie productions, after the struggle of bringing them to live, after the producers convinced the investors of their vision, they have to make the film. Very often that happens in […]

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