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The Frost Giants Daughter will start off the Amazon Conan The Cimmerian TV series


Ryan Condal sat down with the guys from SYFY WIRE at the SDCC to discuss his project the previously mentioned Amazon TV series featuring Conan the Cimmerian. As it turns out he plans to take the original stories by Robert E. Howard in chronological order – he didn’t specify which order or by whom, as there are several scholarly decreed orders – and infuse them with serial elements to interconnect them and make them work in a TV serial context.

“If anybody knows and follows the saga [‘The Frost-Giant’s Daughter’] is… the earliest story in Conan’s life. He’s basically just left Cimmeria and he’s running around as a mercenary with this Viking band of warriors called the Aesir… I’ve put [the Conan stories] back in [chronological] order and the idea is to tell Conan’s story over the time of his life.”

Sadly the attached video interview with Ryan Condal seems to be region restricted to the US, but you can use this proxy site to make YouTube think you are watching from the US to see the full interview. Just copy and paste the YouTube link above into the input field.

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