Conan General

CONAN EXILES – a journey into a virtual Hyborian Age of possibilities


Funcom, the creators of the award winning MMO Age of Conan have done it again. Their dedication to the Hyborian Age and the CONAN license is at this point no secret to Robert E. Howard fans, and they have a track record to pushing Conan to new audiences. Their newest creation CONAN EXILES, a survival type game in the vein of ARK, Rust and even Minecraft entered into Early Access on Steam today!

All would be barbarians be warned though, Early Access is not for the faint of heart. It’s a step into an unfinished version of the game, a version that will twist and turn and change with each update. Depending on your view, this can be a thrilling and interesting experience or a frustrating one, with server wipes (where your progress can be lost), broken characters and the like.

But if you are like us and you can’t wait to explore the newest virtual iteration of the Hyborian Age by Funcom’s creative minds we say: Crom laughs at your bugs! Bring ’em on and we’ll slay them together.

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