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Explore a world undreamed of – CONAN RPG


It has been a while since we heard news from the Conan RPG front since Mongoose lost the license to make Conan RPG products and Modiphius got the rights to take over. They had to push the start of their Kickstarter a couple of times, because they wanted to get it right from the start. Judging by the rooster of talented people working on the project now, they certainly did. Now their Kickstarter for the Conan RPG has started!

3803344_origSimply titled CONAN, this project is one of the most ambitious and well set up RPG projects we’ve seen to date on Kickstarter. An impressive list of incredible art talent, combined with a list of established and experienced RPG writers – some of which have already shown their passion for Conan working on the Mongoose titles, like Vincent Darlage – bodes well for all supporters of the Kickstarter campaign.

Unique is their approach to product design. Instead of doing the well known approach of releasing a sourcebook, that holds all the core classes and stuff to start the game and later extending the universe with regional sourcebooks, they’ve chosen to create sourcebooks – of course there is one central sourcebook that is all you need to start playing – based on the careers that Conan went through in his own life. A thief, a reaver, a slayer is what players will also be able to be in their adventures; all sourcebooks supporting, explaining and furthering a certain type of gameplay, from thievery, piracy, military to being a king by their own making. This twist to product design has us intrigued.


Another central design philosophy is the focus on Robert E. Howard’s Conan exclusively. They aim to construct their world, their stories, adventures and regional descriptions as closely as possible to existing REH material and extending only from that base, instead of using the plethora of pastiche, that has been created over the past decades. This approach was chosen not only as a sign of respect for the author’s creation, but also to create a cohesive world, harking back to one solid, core idea and tone, which made Howard’s stories so great and his character so interesting.

If you’ve read this far, it should come as no surprise that The Hoard is ours 😉

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