Conan General

Conan takes care of future exiles!


Funcom, the company behind the acclaimed MMORPG Age of Conan, has announced that they are working on a new game in the Hyborian Age, featuring our most favorite barbarian: Conan. In Conan Exiles, the players takes on the role of a survivor in a barbaric wasteland. The game very much sounds like a more brutal version of ARK – a famous open world survival game and this guy couldn’t be happier about the news.

If you are not familiar with those types of games, they are mostly about the experience of being thrown into a – usually – unforgiving world, that you have to survive against all odds to succeed. Your character starts off as a fragile, often naked, understaffed, nameless creature¬†in a random place of a virtual world. You have to fend for yourself, fight off increasingly more difficult enemies and harvest resources to basically survive. That is the jist of almost all survival games (Savage Lands, The Forst, ARK and even Minecraft, although it’s technically not only a survival game).

Most of those games were inspired by Minecraft, which offers much more than the sub genre of survival games, but its core design is what brought the sub genre – by now a genre itself – to live.

Conan Exiles now wants to bring a barbarian perspective to the table, and I am sure will also sprinkle the otherwise very free form open-world game with pieces of lore and background – why else would you make a game based in such an amazingly detailed and rich world without using some of its splendor.

The first screenshots and an introductory trailer look pretty good and my wild guess would be, that they are using the Unreal Engine, just like they did with their other MMORPG spin-off The Park. The game is supposedly coming to PC and consoles in the summer of 2016 and I am sure, I will meet many of you on the sandy hills of Conan Exiles, to SURVIVE. BUILD. DOMINATE. *wink*

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