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Honest interview with Fredrick Malmberg (CEO Conan Properties Holder)


Howard enthusiast, author and general nice guy extraordinaire Patrice┬áLouinet got together for an interview with the newly crowned CEO of all things Robert E. Howard and all things Conan – Fredrik Malmberg. Mr. Malmberg was once the CEO of Paradox Entertainment, the company that held the rights to Robert E. Howard’s works and was the mother company of Conan Inc. He also was one of the producers of the Conan The Barbarian film from 2011 and was involved in the creation of several prestigious Conan licensed projects like the new line of Dark Horse Comics and the MMORPG Age of Conan.

The goal of the interview was to get down and dirty with the facts of the newly formed Cabinet Holdings – that took over the REH rights from Paradox – and their plans for our beloved Barbarian. Patrice couldn’t help but to wink at TheArnoldFans reporting every second week that the film Legend of Conan will finally happen. Thankfully Mr. Malmberg was quoted in full and we have a definite – albeit vague – answer on the state of the film.

Fred Malmberg: The fans are really supportive of the idea of this new Conan film, and have been since we announced it almost two years ago. Until we have a greenlight from the studio, there are no solid facts as we are still in the development phase. The script needs to be finished. Of course the whole team behind this project is working really hard to make it happen. That includes my producing partner Chris Morgan and his entire team, Arnold and his people, as well as Jeff Kirschenbaum and Universal who have been big supporters from the start.

It gives me hope to see Mr. Malmberg up and about with the license, because even though I wasn’t the biggest supporter of the 2011 Conan the Barbarian with Khal Drogo – Jason Momoa – as Conan, I see a genuine interest in the works of Robert E. Howard in his actions and I hope that he will succeed in his quest not only to build a strong, sellable Conan license, but also in bringing to life a pre-ancient Hyborian Age in all kinds of formats, that we all yearn for.

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