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Arnold Conan movie script is finished!


According to, the new Conan film has taken the next step to becoming a reality. One of the producers and Conan license holder Fredrik Malmberg told TheArnoldFans that the newest iteration of the script – which already had three different writers assigned to it – was met with great excitement at the production company Universal. There is no shooting date set yet, but understandably Mr. Malmberg wants to start earlier rather than later. Although Arnold recently said in an interview about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s future plans, that he is not sure to have time to film it this fall as it was planned by the studio.

The film officially has no director assigned to it yet, nor is there an official shooting date planned. According to different sources there has been location scouting in Spain, NewZealand, Colombia and other locations, but since Universal has experienced scouts, it is hard to tell where the movie will ultimately take place. The original Conan the Barbarian from 1982 was shot all across Spain, utilizing the unique aspects of the landscape and even some medieval cities as the background for model extended scenes (entry of the first city Conan and Subotai enter after he has freed him from his shackles).

At this point the talks of a great script have been going on for more than two years and it is hard to tell if this is just yet another interview of the producers trying to keep the hopes up and the excitement pumped so the studio doesn’t lose hope or interest in the projects realization, or if they really reached a level of script quality where the project can be fast tracked and be on its way. As usual with Hollywood there is a lot of speculation and it will be some time until we have official word on if, when and how the project will come to live.

On a related note: Check out this well done Conan The Barbarian fan film from the eastern part of Europe! We would like to seem more honest efforts like this to bring our favorite Barbarian to the albeit smaller screen. Keep them coming guys!

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