New Conan has the Arnold Schwarzenegger Seal of Approval

This has been mentioned in other interviews, but I figure it deserves its own post: according to none other than Jason Momoa himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoyed the new Conan film, he thinks Jason did a good job, and he’s proud of him.

“I was excited to find out that he actually watched it and liked it a lot,” Jason Momoa tells NextMovie of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reaction. “He was proud of me and thought I did a good job.”

So, it’s official: Arnold Schwarzenegger approves of Jason Momoa. The 1982 Conan thinks the 2011 Conan did well. If anyone still has a problem with Jason stepping into Arnold’s shoes*, then who are you to argue with the Governator himself?

*not that he is really stepping into Arnold’s shoes at all, what with this NOT BEING A BLASTED REMAKE WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL SAYING THAT AWAY WITH YOU MEN IN WHITE COATS THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW