News Roundup: Adventures in Madrid and Comic-Con

Youtube has three videos of Jason Momoa’s recent adventures. The first is an interview with PublimetroMEX, which has Jason talking about the film. I’d do a transcript, but I’m having a blasted difficult time hearing him through the translator talking over him. Hopefully others will have more luck.

For some more bits and pieces from Comic-Con, join us after the break!

The New York Times has a piece on Lionsgate’s technology in the Conan presentation:

SAN DIEGO— Patience is often in short supply on Comic-Con’s trade show floor, where lines of fans waiting to get an autograph or check out a particular booth snake through the already gridlocked aisles. Lionsgate, the studio that “Saw” built, is normally one of the biggest line generators, because it loads its exhibit area with technology. Last year, for instance, the studio invited attendees to make videos of themselves trapped inside a coffin; Lionsgate then emailed them the result to share with their friends online. The stunt promoted “Buried,” a thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, and it was a huge Comic-Con hit (although it didn’t pay off in box office success).

Lionsgate’s goal this year: no lines at all. To accommodate as many people as possible, the studio built two touch video walls stretching 8 feet by 11 feet. More than a dozen people at once could play games or finger swipe through video marketing materials for movies like “Conan the Barbarian.”

“You go to a lot of other booths, and it’s a passive experience or people are wasting time in a long line,” said David Hayes, the senior manager of new media at Lionsgate. “We wanted to get them interacting with the films as quickly as possible.”

Here’s a video with that touchwall in action:

Nifty. EPIX News’ Erin Lucas was on hand at the Lionsgate area, too:

E! Online has some snippets from a roundtable discussion with Jason:

Before he was known as the 38th Governor of California, a philandering husband, or even The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was best known in the U.S. for his starring role in Conan the Barbarian!

But that was way back in 1982, when Arnie was still just a former bodybuilder from Austria. And now today, the role of Conan is being taken over by a new young muscleman: Jason Momoa.

So did Ahnold the original impart any wisdom on the younger acting filling his gladiator-style boots?

“He did all the time, I was like, ‘Dude, you gotta leave me alone, bro,'” Jason joked to reporters at a roundtable discussion at Se Hotel in San Diego for Comic-Con today.

“I was excited to find out he actually watched it and liked it a lot,” Jason dished to us during our fun-filled discush. “He was proud of me and thought I did a good job.”

But sounds like any talks between the two Conans were strictly one-sided, as Jason hasn’t even seen the original Arnold version yet!

“No, I haven’t,” he admitted. “I’m going to go watch his movie I just wanted to see mine first!”

But the actor has good reason for not copying the Governator’s acting style and insists he hasn’t sat down to watch the flick on purpose.

“I’m going to go see it soon because everyone is castrating me on the whole thing—like, leave me alone I’m going to watch the movie!” Jason joked. “But I’ve never played a role that’s already been played before and I really don’t feel like I would need to see Arnold’s performance to help me with mine.”

Oh, snap! But dude’s got a point. Arnold probably isn’t the best role model at the moment.

So how did the six-foot-four actor prep for the rigorous role?

“It’s all movement for me,” explained Jason. “The way he [Conan] prowled I felt like he was a big cat so I went and studied lions and watched how lions and panthers moved.”

Interesting. So is it safe to say we can next see Jason starring in CATS on Broadway? Hope so!

But other than moving like a big kitty, J. also revealed he had to learn how to maneuver his extra body weight.

“Having to shave your body and put 20 pounds of weight on absolutely changes the way you move and how you speak through your body,” says the super tall and muscley actor. “I’d never done anything like that before.”

But after a diet of “boiled chicken and raw meat” to get in tip-top toned shape for the shirtless role, J got to let loose after filming wrapped.

“I ate f–king pizza, drank Guinness, I’m a huge drinker,” J. dished to us. “Conan’s a big drinker, but you gotta keep the abs and that’s hard.”

Finally, Entertainment Weekly talks with Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, and Stephen Lang, with some interesting morsels to digest:

It’s not easy to be a barbarian. Stopping by EW’s VIP lounge at Comic-Con one month ahead of Aug. 19′s Conan the Barbarian release, stars Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, and Rachel Nichols chatted with EW’s Tim Stack about their training schedule. On most days, Momoa had to train for five or six hours. But, he told EW, he didn’t feel like he had to compete with a certain former governor who played Conan the Barbarian back in 1982. “When I read Conan, I don’t see him as this huge bodybuilder,” he said. “You know, he’s a product of his environment … He’s a big cat. He’s a lion.” After the jump, see EW’s interview with the Conan cast, during which they talk about how the film differs from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-headlined original.

There’s your lot, folks.