News roundup: prequels, Leo, Director of Photography, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Conan pronunciation, and Ronal

There were a couple of articles I neglected to post back in June, so I’ve included them in this roundup, as well as some pictures of Rachel Nichols making funny faces. Gotta have some pictures to spice up the blog, right?

USA Today has an article on prequels, discussing the matter of origin stories. One of the films brought up, of course, is Conan the Barbarian:

Fans who are familiar with source material are a key to an effective origins story, says Jason Momoa, star of the new Conan the Barbarian, out Aug. 19.
“Some people just think of Arnold Schwarzenegger when they think of Conan,” Momoa says. “But fans know people have been writing that story for years and years,” dating to Robert Howard’s 1932 tale.
“If you take the source material seriously, really do your homework, you can find a lot of great stories,” he says. Origins stories “can be freeing, really.”

I’m presuming that’s USA Today alleging that Conan the Barbarian is in any way related to Howard’s “1932 tale,” which is exactly the sort of misconception the film’s up against in the first place. Jason’s assertion that fans familiar with the source material are key to this is intriguing, considering that those same fans have been so resoundingly critical of the direction and implementation of that very origin story. But at the same time, those fans would undoubtedly get a lot more out of the references to, say, “The Tower of the Elephant,” “The Scarlet Citadel” and “Queen of the Black Coast” than the average cinemagoer. Hmm.

Leo Howard gave an interview with Leo doesn’t speak much about Conan, but it provides a bit of background information for the actor himself. In addition, has a gallery of high octane action photos of the lad.

The Director of Photography Thomas Kloss has added Conan to his resume, so if you want to check out his previous work, here it is:

“Conan the Barbarian”
Tommy Hilfiger
F.E.A.R 3
Desperate Housewives Promo (Red Camera)
L’Oreal – Eva Longoria (Arri Alexa)
“500 Days of Summer” Promo
Marathon Gas
Music Videos
Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”
All American Rejects “The Wind Blows” (Red Camera)
Pussycat Dolls & A.R. Rahman “Jai Ho”
Britney Spears “Circus” (’09 MTV VMA Best Cinematography Nominee)

In more recent news, Rachel Nichols had an interview/photo shoot with Maxim, pages of which are up here. She doesn’t speak much about Conan – most of it is her pretty much playing up to the “unbelievably hot, unbelievably high maintenance” aura as she answers questions about life, men and modelling, as seems to be all Maxim’s really interested in – but she does have this:

It’s rare for an actress to embrace both ends of the nerd spectrum. On the Wrath of Khan-quoting side, Rachel Nichols played the famous Green Girl from J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek Reboot. Three years later she’s donning robes and sandals as the love interest in Conan the Barbarian. Sci-fi and swords and sorcery? Yes, Rachel may be the ultimate fantasy girl.

You’re a hot warrior monk in Conan, and you’ve played various other ass-kicking roles. What’s up with all the violence?
I wasn’t always as ass-kicking and gym-going. Because I was in Alias and G.I. Joe, I started training. Alias was very action-packed. G.I. Joe and Conan were very action-packed. It’s been established that I can do action, which is great, but now I may just want to make out with a really hot guy.

I love how Jesse Brukman can’t even remember her character’s name in Star Trek

That said, an interview with sheds more light, and she explains a bit about her casting and filming experience:

I actually learned about the role in the film – I met Marcus Nispel, who directed the film, in December, and sat down with him, and had a great time, talked with him about Nu Image. I really liked him, I thought he was very smart, knew the franchise, knew the role. Then I actually went in and I tested with Jason, who plays Conan, and adored him. He’s great! He’s obviously very good-looking and charming and all that stuff, but he’s this gentle giant, and it really came across that we immediately had chemistry. And then three weeks later I got the offer, and then very shortly after that I was flying to Bulgaria for three months.

We shot Conan for three months, in Bulgaria, but we had a great time. There was a lot of fun stunts, and I learned how to ride horses – I’ve never actually ridden a horse before, properly, so I had to learn how to ride horses – lots of swordplay, you know, we had a really great time. What happens when you’re in that kind of situation is it’s like summer camp, and you all become really close really quickly: luckily we all did, and everything went off without a hitch.

Fellow Conan cast member Rose McGowan has quite a few interviews up. The first is with Total Film:

Total Film recently caught up with Rose McGowan, who told us all about Conan The Barbarian and her stalled Barbarella reboot.

On her frightful Conan character, half-woman, half-witch Marique, she said: “I think she’s quite majestic… She is a bit startling at first but I think she’s quite beautiful in her own way.”

Comparing her co-star Jason Momoa to original Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger, McGowan told us: “Arnold is very muscular, but Jason is a beautiful man. His muscles are very different – of the non-steroidal variety.

“If you go back and watch the Schwarzenegger one, he can barely pass his sword from one hand to the other, because he’s so bulky.”

I felt a great disturbance in the force… as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced… Joking aside, the actress reveals something (via that might be quite revealing about her character, Marique:

Actress Rose Mcgowan is thrilled to be back on a movie set after taking a two-year hiatus to mourn her father’s death and the end of her romance with moviemaker fiance Robert Rodriguez.

The Grindhouse star will play a villainness in the new Conan The Barbarian remake, and she admits its great to be back in the make-up chair after a couple of tough, emotional years.

She explains, “I took two years off because my father died. I pulled out of three films to deal with it.”

But she can’t wait for fans to see her big comeback in Conan: “I am so impressed by how insane and magnificent I look in the film. I was in prosthetics for five hours each day.

“The whole project was otherworldly and beautiful, and I really loved what was being created. It was nice to feel that way.”

It’s very interesting to me that one of the first roles McGowan took after the death of her father was one in which a complicated father-daughter relationship is such a strong aspect. I have to wonder how much of her own experiences she’ll be taking into her role, and whether that could bring something unique and uncommonly affecting to her performance.

I’d already spoken about how this film finally seems to be pronouncing Conan right, and here, we find Conan himself Jason Momoa is emphasising that point in an interview back at CinemaCon:

Conan – and we really had a lot of people going “It’s co-NAN” – but it’s CO-n’n. It’s CO-n’n. Thanks for asking that question, though. Yeah, CO-n’n.

It was an amazing experience. You know, I’ve been working in this business about 12 years, I’ve never experienced anything – I was the lead role, doing the fights, and just the training alone, I’ve never done that in my own personal life – so, really, to take on the body, physicality, the mentality to be Conan, was quite a feat in itself. It was amazing, it’s the first time I’ve ever had to stretch myself so far. It was really an honour.

Not really about “more dialogue,” more in a sense of how I had to transform myself to play the role. I’m not normally going around decapitating people’s heads and raping women. But you know, I had to learn how to do it! It is (a required skill), but my wife always smacks me for it!

More on the filmmaking side of things is Sean Hood, who returns to Quora (cross-posting with his personal blog Genre Hacks) with the answer to a question regarding dealing with criticism. He discusses his own projects, with the surprising admission that most criticisms of his past products were accurate, and discussing his own expectations regarding the upcoming Conan film:

For my upcoming film Conan the Barbarian, I fully expect to get some bad reviews. Because of nature of character and people’s preconceived notions, disappointing certain fans and reviewers will be inevitable. The “bad reviews” will come from three camps:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger/John Milius fans. Many people simply cannot see anyone but Arnold as Conan, they see John Milius’s film as a brooding, philosophical masterpiece, and they will hate any effort to “reboot” the franchise.
  • Robert E. Howard Purists. – After writing the new Conan, I’ve had a chance to interact with fans of pulp writer and Conan creator Robert E. Howard on websites like These fans are, generally speaking, highly literate, highly opinionated, and passionately devoted to the source material. Many of them will simply not accept any movie that does not adapt a REH story as faithfully as was the Lord of The Rings trilogy or the Harry Potter series. Bad reviews from this camp will sting the most, because I count myself as a REH fan myself.
  • Genre Haters – It should be no surprise to anyone that the new Conan The Barbarian 3D is an action packed, violent, fantasy film with few pretensions of radical originality or sophisticated narrative complexity. Ironically, by celebrating some of the most well-known elements of the boy’s pulp magazine stories (which REH fans will love), we will no doubt be scoffed at by reviewers like Anthony Lane. It’s a movie filled with “blood and boobs,” and many reviewers will roll their eyes and look down their noses. Lines like “I live, I love, I slay, I am content” will excite fans of the original stories and fans of the genre, but it will make others gag.

That said, I fully expect Conan to be hit, popular with moviegoers who are in the mood to see barbarian savant Jason Momoa take on warlords, witches, Lovecraftian monsters, and nubile sword girls in scanty armor.

So ultimately, I just ignore bad reviews and focus on my craft. I had enormous fun working on Conan, and I’ve got a very thick skin. I’m confident enough in my own work to know that I write well, and I’ve accepted the fact that the filmmaking process is collaborative, frustrating, and often unfair: setting up the screenwriter to take the fall. That’s okay. I can take the heat. It’s worth it.

Ultimately, I get hired again and again to write movies based on the screenplays I’ve written that have gone unproduced. These scripts often get rave “reviews” from the executives and producers who read them, along with condolences, “too bad that didn’t get made. It’s just fantastic, but female leads, dramas and period films are just hard. They don’t make their money back. But, we love your writing and we’d like to hire you to write Children of The Corn Part 36.”

I have no delusions that I’m a screenwriting genius. I’m a “genre hack” (as chronicled in my blog and I’m an artsy, eccentric indie filmmaker. But when given the opportunity, I write well structured stories with complex characters who make surprising choices. What “bad reviews” remind me of, is that I rarely get the opportunity.

To snarky and clever professional reviews, I say stop shooting fish in a barrel, and go find well written, but smaller, films and direct people to see them. To jaded, cynical fan boys, I say stop rewarding “formulaic” films by buying tickets to see them, and ignoring films that are far better. Search out and find those ambitious and well-written movies that may not have a big star or swollen digital effects budget.

Screenwriters want to get original, ambitious, and entertaining movies up on the screen. Help us do that! This is what I think about when I get bad reviews.

(Cheers for the plug, Sean!)

Finally, a bit of somewhat Conan-related fun, starring previous Conan cinematic alumnus Sven-Ole Thorsen and Red Sonja herself Brigitte Nielsen, in the upcoming Swedish parody Ronal the Barbarian. Tons of links all over the ‘net for this one, including a motion poster, dealing with international profanity mores and concept art.

Reminds me somewhat of Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend mixed with Heavy Metal.

That’s all, folks! Rachel?

  • Anonymous

    I know Jason’s just joking around with the reporters, but the “raping women” line annoyed me, as it just serves to reassert false notions of who Conan is.

  • Anonymous

    It could’ve been a reference to “Game of Thrones,” but yeah, it was an unfortunate remark.

  • Enrique Dueñas Gonzalez

    I love Rachel.

  • She is quite stunning. I think REH would approve. very “supple” I think.

  • Anonymous

    Hope we hear something from the Soundtrack soon.:)

  • Anonymous

    Hope we hear something from the Soundtrack soon.:)

  • Anonymous

    Sean Hood sure knows how to sell himself, but first of all, he didn’t write the script of Conan3d, he only revised it. A profound revision perhaps -as it is claimed- , but still the structure isn’t his and revolves around the resume we all know by know consisiting in partially mimicking the 1982 movie : Corin’s murder, Conan wanders and by chance encounters friends, this new team decides for the sake of revenge and to save the world to destroy the murderer of Corin, Khalar Zym.

  • Anonymous

    Rose McGowan is just repeating the same old sh*t we’ve heard hundreds of times (and that her agent whispered to her ear) that Guhvehnoh isn’t that agile. Who doesn’t know it by know, he’s no pom pom girl jumping around with ease, time to turn the page and start facing the reality of the new film: her character is ridiculous. Momoa is more agile but will that be enough to make a convincing Conan?
    One thing is for sure for me, he may be the best thing happening to this funny project, and Marique looks nothing like a sure bet, far from it. Rather a last minute sex change to a flimsy character in the script history, just to keep up to date with the emo-goth fans (original script lmentioned Farique, a boy with proto goth looks. Yikes). The film must please all types of audience, so said Momoa in one of his last interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Good news for the hypothetical upcoming Red Sonja movieperhaps? if gold digger Rose is off the chart since she’s not with director Rodriguez anymore, well then…enter a new actress (hopefully talented in acting and action scenes) to play the Hyrkanian warrior?

  • ok here is another glimpse at how conan should look like, a ps comparison:

    i made subtle bangs this time, it sure doesnt look like a disney kid now with that blood all over him and his weapons. i hope you like it

  • Anonymous

    We all have different opinions on looks and styling, but the edited version of Momoa looks to me like a gay lead singer of an 80’s metal band. I like his present appearance, even if it goes against what Howard described.

  • Sean Hood

    Actually, I agree with this to some extent. When I write blogs, answer questions, and do interviews, my goal is certainly to promote the film and to some extent, improve my chances of working on Howard style projects in the future.

  • Sean Hood

    Actually, I agree with Bulma Foom to some extent. When I write blogs, answer questions, and do interviews, my goal is certainly to promote the film and to some extent, improve my chances of working on Howard style projects in the future. I do this by engaging directly with people who care the most, and know the most, about the subject matter.

    I also agree that the revenge plot and many, many other elements of the script were the work of the screenwriters before me, who in fact worked for years on the project. They created the bedrock, and it is true that all I did was come in, literally at the last moment and revise.

    Foom’s story synopsis is way off however. Conan does not “wander and by chance encounters friends, this new team decides for the sake of revenge and to save the world to destroy the murderer of Corin, Khalar Zym.” Just scanning the movie novelization will reveal that the similarities to Milius’ film begin and end with the slaughter at Conan’s village and his desire to kill the men responsible.

    I think Gadflies like Bulma Foom and Steve Dilks are honest REH fans who will ultimately dislike…even hate, many of the creative decisions made on Conan. But I think their “constant negativity” is actually good for the discussion.

    If you haven’t noticed, screenwriters, directors, producers and others involved in making movies do read blogs and fan sites such as these. The opinions of fans matter, especially if they are well articulated. Getting a film made is a constant battle, and it actually helps the cause to point to blogs, discussion threads and articles in order to say, “No, we the fans want to see it done THIS way. It’s spelled out right here.”

    My major interest now, being involved in future projects like Conan, is to participate in discussions about which REH stories and characters would be best to adapt on film…and also how Howard’s work can be best translated from the medium of words/language to the medium of cinema.

    There will no doubt be future Conan movies, and fan discussions, even when they are harsh and seemingly disparaging, can actually help point filmmakers the way to making better films.

  • ColinJ

    Rachel Nichols looks like a fun, cool chick.

    And she’s as fine as frog hair, too.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a strong, brave man, Hood. Coming to this site as someone actually involved in the film and wading through the hate, and still mining out the positive kernels…Good on ya, mate. Dilks and Foom are indeed positive (though very negative) and important players on this here blog, and I too agree that their criticisms are not only valid, but important. I’m not sure they need to talk about F–king each others’ mothers (not actually naming names as to who said those comments, but they did come up), but , hey, what do I really know?

    As for which Howard stories to adapt…I really love the idea of hitting two stories for one movie, such as opening with Tower and then leading into something larger like Colossus. It wouldn’t take a huge suspension to link the two by plot…I don’t think. The only thing I don’t want to see is the stories becoming cannibalistic, that is, taking great elements from many stories and inserting them all into one.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Hood, thank you for stopping by and letting us know the people involved are paying attention.
    In terms of sequels, I’d like to see some emphasis placed on the “becoming King by his own hand” narrative. I think it’s an appealing concept, true to form, and it would work nicely for a trilogy.
    Also, I’m curious about the decision-making process involved in the look of the film. I wonder if you could comment a bit about what was discussed around architectural styles, clothing, REH’s descriptions, historical and geographical influences and practicality. Thank you.

  • It must be exhausting to build up such animosity towards people you most likely have never even met.

  • Anonymous

    I heard a lot of people hated deeply Hitler when he was alive, yet they’ve never met him personally.
    What’s the point? I’m not building anything , I just dislike this actress, methinks she thinks she’s too damn hot when in reality it’s far from being the case and should remain in the TV series world.
    For Red Sonja, there are lists of actresses with a ‘hellovalot’ more talent…and way hotter too.

  • Sean Hood

    As for a sequel, there is a good script by Dirk Blackman that has already been written. I myself am hoping that I get a chance to write a future installment that combines Queen of the Black Coast and Frost Giant’s Daughter.

    I write about it at length on Quora (a website that is quite addictive)

    Conacito: The look of the film was really the purview of the director, the production designer and the DP. I can’t speak with authority on that subject.

  • Anonymous

    Sean Hood, perhaps you can clear this up. [SPOILER, mayhap] We recently read a novel review for the new movie. In this analysis “The Queen of the Black Coast” was mentioned (in script). The novel apparently suggests that Conan would have had his adventures with Belit during the time that the movie spans. I’m not sure if the writer of the adaptation was just trying to Easter egg some Howard in there, or if this is actually mentioned in the script. If so, it may be difficult to recover this for a future adaptation.

  • The rape comment makes sense if you think of atali the frost giant’s daughter. I remember taranaich has some big scholarly academic explanation how he wasn’t going to rape her (or conan’s mind was charmed somehow), but it seems clear to me a rape was about to go down. Of course, atali was asking for it because of the way she was dressed, so we can’t blame conan.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Hood, I really like the idea of pre-title sequences taken from the stories. I agree The Frost Giant’s Daughter is low-hanging fruit for this approach. I hope we get to see that.
    I was thinking that, aside from the “becoming King” narrative, I like how religion plays a big role in the original stories and even the ’82 film. To me, it adds realism. Could you please comment a bit about the role of religion in the new film? Will Crom be “explained” in any manner? -Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The “photos” page over at the official website has been updated with a new motion poster.

  • Anonymous

    this one ‘s cool, but the first one was really more frazet’esque,more cimmerian looking
    good job, though

  • Anonymous

    My only concern at this point is the film’s editing.

    I know there’s been talk of a possible extended cut dvd, but hopefully they won’t chop the film down to a 90 minute action-fest in order to justify one.

    I’m also very worried about the fight scenes. Some fans have argued over which fighting styles should be employed, but I just hope we’re able to SEE the fights. Bourne-style shakycam and average shot lengths better suited to MTV would be tragic in a Conan film.

  • Sean Hood

    There are no references to QBC in the script. Micheal Stackpole worked independently from the screenwriters.

  • Sean Hood

    It’s way to early to say. No one has been officially hired for a new project yet, and all sorts of ideas are on the table.

    At one point I included the following in the current movie’s VO, but it was cut in the final version:

    “Cimmerians do not pine for the hereafter. Their god is Crom, who rules over a sunless place of everlasting mist – the land of the dead.”

    That’s a REH quote distilled to fit for time. But again, it got cut.

    If I am involved in a future film I’d be interested in exploring any number of Gods of the Hyborean age, and how different religions reflect the different races.

  • Anonymous

    Sean Hood, I will answer to your long message later.
    Thanks for being polite and reasonable, at least you speak uunder your own name and do not pretend to be a fan.
    If what you say is true, then we will see in August, if it’s all talk or if the revision has deeply affected the early script to make it a tribute to the original Conan from the pulp tales.

    You’re speaking as well of an ‘eventual’ THIRD Conan reboot. First of all, is the rebooted franchise supposed to be some sort of trilogy? If so, ending with Frost Giants Daughter mixed with Queen of the Black Coast would be a mistake.
    A trilogy could not end in such a manner, you know it very well. Fans will say ‘and then, that’s all’ and the large audience whose feet are being kissed and licked clean by the powers that be would be extremely upset to see such a hero they’ve been introduced two episodes before, end up in despair with literally nothing: no crew, his love murdered and hung…

    If Conan 1,2 and 3 of the rebooted franchise are not a trilogy and if they are episodes of a long list of theatrical movies about Conan, then QotBC could be an interesting choice, but I’d never blend it with Frost Giants Daughter: imagine Conan going from a hot supernatural ice maiden to a shemite piratess all in one film, it’s like two episodes in one, the bridge to gape between these two stories would be a chore to construct unless you change the core of the stories themselves.

    A better choice in my opinion would be (only an example) bridging Pool of the Black One with Queen of the Black Coast.
    Marvel had some writers do some pastiches more or less inspired by PotBO in their b&w issues as well as their full color one, Thomas wrote pastiches all around the Belit arc too.

    FREE ideas:

    King Conan tells a story to a his royal scribe and tells him to place it then in the Tarantian library, while the scribe writes you hear the story fading into live action:

    Zaporavo, while Conan has been accepted onboard by the zingaran buccaneer crew, engages in a pursuit with a pirate ship, but let’s say a storm prevents the final attack, but it’s enough for Conan to see Belit’s silhouette (not knowing who she is really, not her name) on the deck , she impresses him (he even dreams of her later on, amidst the raging waves, giving orders to her crew) but the boats get seperated by the tempest’s high waves and Pool of the Black One continues.
    Zaporavo tells Conan it’s a she-dog with no interest who was his rival on the black coast and it intrigues him highly.
    Then we have more or less all the events in PotBO occuring: discovery of the island,abducted crew, Zaporavo’s death by Conan’s hand, the creatures, the pool and so on…
    Conan and Sancha part in the end for she’s too soft for such a life , some men sent by her father recognize her and she returns to a rich civilized girl’s life, she acts like a boring civilized girl and becomes distant, Conan tries to forget this absurdity and spends loot money he made with the Zingarans to drink day and night till he meets a young captain and his girlfriend, then he gets into trouble because he’s “seen” with this young lad after he murdered the captain and so on as in QotBC.

    It would destroy the effect of surprise of Conan seeing Belit for the first time, but hey, to bridge two stories such as these in one

    The only way to have parts of FGD in QotBC would be as a dream or a brief flashback. Linking the two one after the other would be rather strange.

  • Anonymous

    My question about the role of religion was about this new 2011 film. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
    If the quote you included got cut out, does that mean Crom will nowhere to be found come August?

  • Anonymous

    yeah man, what a great hell of a pirate film this one would be !
    the principle to mix 2 tales in one script is quite interesting, bumla , give us another one while , let ‘s say, conan is the kozaki captain

  • Anonymous

    I kindly beg you to give your version of a kozaki epic first 😉

    Something tells me you’d like to see me talk in the wind.

  • I always envisioned a Conan movie set in more of an environment similar to the old Sinbad movies: Jungles, exotic beaches, desert wastelands…

  • Sean Hood

    Thanks for your thoughts, Mr. Foom. I know of no plans to make Conan a trilogy…in fact, no decisions about the next Conan films have been made at all to my knowledge. My comments on FGD and QBC were entirely speculative.

    Also, I’m not trying to overstate my influence on the current film. I’m one of several writers who worked on the script, and the story that appears movie itself was collaborative effort among the director, producers, studio, writers and others involved.

    Whether or not fans think it is an adequate tribute to REH remains to be seen, and I whatever their verdict, I can only claim a modest portion of the credit and/or the blame.

    I do think I improved the script, and I do think I added more of what fans love about the character and the world.

    P.S. Good point about Pool and Queen.

  • Anonymous

    If you read the lines from Frost Giants Daughter and how Howard describes Conan madly (he uses that word for a reason) charging after that shining white body etc… it’s pretty clear that he was under a spell, that magnified his sexual lust to complete madness. He wasn’t even feeling the pain or the exhaustion he had after the battle. He was blindly charging into the snow white deadlands.

    Yes a rape was about to go down, but it was magically “inflicted” upon Conan. The way he treats women in every single other story makes that very obvious. So I don’t think it’s fair to the character to describe him as someone who “rapes women”.

  • Anonymous

    To quote Conan himself, “…and though your kind call me a robber, I never forced a woman against her consent. ”
    _The Vale of Lost Women

  • Anonymous

    hey , bumla, if “talk in the wind” means i’m trying to make out of you, you are absolutly wrong,
    sure i’d like to write my version of some kozaki epic, but my english is much too incomplete so it would quickly be worthless

  • Anonymous

    I read again this tale not a long time ago, and i guess the matron doesn’t seem shy at all, i would even say that by her lusty attitude and the very minimalist piece of clothes she wears, she sure appeals for good sex
    of course conan is bewitched( why would he waste his primal energy trying to catch some gorgeous blonde, almost naked, in snowy mountains by -15 degrees celcius?) i’m quite sure he doesn’t think to rape the chick, but rather to have some fun between two consenting adults

  • Anonymous

    No, Conan was going to rape Atali – however, there are very clear hints that Atali was using more than her physical charms to entice Conan. In short:

    Atali’s modus operandi is to lead away dying men far into the north, where they will have their hearts cut out and sacrificed to Ymir. Most dying men aren’t exactly in sprinting condition, and dying men eat their heart outs in their inability to pursue her. Conan described the sensation as “a strange madness” – surely Conan’s not so inexperienced, even as a young man, to describe appreciation of a beautiful women as “a strange madness”? The fact that this caused Conan to “forget all else in the world” also suggests Atali herself was mentally manipulating Conan. After all, this is a woman who can run naked on the snow, leaving little to no footprints, or sign that she was even there. There are many other smaller hints: the lights dancing in Atali’s eyes, Conan’s single-mindedness, and so on.

    When you factor in the very clear allusions to the myths of Apollo & Daphne, and the tale of Atalanta (and other, modern tales such as those by Jack London and A. Merritt), then there’s definitely a lot more going on in “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter” than Conan simply running after a girl.

    If nothing else, I see no reason to doubt Conan’s assertion in “The Vale of Lost Women” that he never took a woman against her will, even if the old pulp convention of the girl initially resisting before melting in his grasp is in evidence. Howard never shied from making his heroes rapists, or abusive towards women – look at Bill Clanton and John Garfield – so the fact that he didn’t with Conan suggests Conan might be different.

  • I hope this whole trilogy thing does not come to fruition Sean, i would personally like to see Conans story and rise to kingship happen over several films,three is simply not enough. It may work better for Kull his volume of work is smaller and becomes a king right off the bat.
    and if a 007 type format is followed you can do 5-7 straight adaptations of larger work such as queen of the black coast ,hour of the dragon ( last in this series that exists only in my silly headlol)people of the black circle, black colossus,beyond the black river, with intro sequences of smaller works as intro sequences like frost giants daughter, or I think maybe even god in the bowl or hell vale of lost women too( i dont care if its seen as lesser conan i love that story) and maybe even decide , what stories lend themselves to animation as well. Take the unfinished ‘red nails’: while I personally find that it would be better live, but maybe something like the tower of the elephant ,xuthal of the dusk, or the scarlet citadel may lend themsleves to these straight to dvd animated movies ala’ dc comics to keep fans thirst quenched
    The other problem that will eventually come to fruition is that Like Ian Fleming , you will eventually run out of source material too.Just some thoughts

  • Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Been mostly on the Forum.Just a quick comment for Sean Hood. As a writer myself,though I’m only now getting back to it…long story…I truly admire your eloquence; your obvious knowledge of, as well as love, for REH; your humility (I’ve read way too many articles on screenwriting to not know that the writer chosen for that final rewrite can make all the difference in the world! Give yourself more credit, man!) But, most of all, I admire your patience with people like Foom and Dilks. If I were in your shoes, my own patience about being constantly nagged and nit-picked at would’ve run out LONG ago…

    ‘…Oh, and I loved your idea on the forum about 007-like opening sequences.i.e. The assignment that starts “Goldfinger” has nothing to do with the main story, but was too small to build an entire film around. Hang in there, you have more supporters out here than you know! Rick

  • Somehow my comments got posted at top of list…things have changed since last I was here. Please,Mr. Hood, go there to read them…Rick

  • Anonymous

    read “‘to make a fool out of you”, bumla.

  • Sean Hood

    Thanks Rick. I don’t mind taking criticism. Any screenwriter who wants to get results and improve his or her craft has to listen to feedback, and while Dilks and Foom are often harsh, there’s always something to learn from people who care that deeply about the subject matter.

    By the way, people who are interested in what I tried to do with the Conan rewrite should read Michael A. Stackpole’s novelization. It’s good representation of my shooting script, but it also goes MUCH deeper and expands on all the details and elements that I and others on the production were fighting for.

    Plus, while I’m sure people will say “He’s no Howard!” It’s a really fun read. (and that plug is strictly for Stackpole…I don’t get a dime for novelization sales)

  • Anonymous

    “Of course, atali was asking for it because of the way she was dressed, so we can’t blame conan”

    -I hope you were being sarcastic.

  • Anonymous

    Sean Hood is NOT responsible for the choice of style for the stunts and martial arts, overall design (costumes, sets, hairstyle ) , music etc.
    Some here like me could not accept this accumulation of cheese .

    Hood is not a scapegoat neither for the initial decision to kill off Conan’s father, to put the same sword as in the first flick , make the whole thing look like a videogame advertisment, and so on. That’s Lionsgate, Millenium, Nispel and their money hungry collegues.

    It isn’t a real rewrite “from scratch” as Milius’ script was compared to Stone’s first (one had nothing to do with the other, it’s not even the same story), but something HALFWAY through, keeping the core of the plot more or less intact (removing chunks of a story here and there, replacing with other bits is not writing a new story)
    The producers COULD HAVE hired him to REALLY rewrite the whole story from scratch (Sean Hood only revised and corrected, inserting according to him what should be more Howardian elements, and apparently it seems to be the case ) and this WAY BEFORE the filming started, but this stupid revenge /end of the world plot was too dear to them.
    Rick, the only thing that bothers me with mister Hood, even if the film isn’t released yet, is that I’m far from convinced by some of his other scripts he’s written (teen oriented spook & action films), but perhaps as he says, he never got his chance to write what he really wanted, we’ll see next month if the changes will be so effective and if the claims are true.

    Correct me, S.Hood if I’m wrong, but it seems you’re being present lately because this is in fact what you wish so strongly to achieve: to participate from the BEGINNING to a Conan sequel script, and not be called for an emergency revision, which is like putting bandaid on a wooden leg.

    So Rick, it isn’t fair to say that me and others on this blog were attacking constantly Hood, because it simply isn’t true.

  • Anonymous

    All is well then Flanker! I don’t think your english is worse than mine, what counts in a scenario are the ideas, not the style, syntax and grammar. That’s for the final script or a book.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, you seem to be attacking everyone and his grandmother on the blog comments, even people, that never directed any negativity towards your comments or your person. So I would agree with Rick that you should keep on discussing, but tone down on the aggressiveness level 2-3 notches. There is no need to inflict every second sentence with a sarcastic undertone to make a point.

    That’s not smart, it’s not fun, it’s not being “the good one” it’s just crazy annoying and makes reading the comments a chore without making any valid point or furthering the discussion.

    Again, I am not saying you should stop voicing your concerns, just be more civil about them, have respect for other humans you want attention from.

  • Anonymous

    @ Sean Hood

    Gotta admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the novelization. The story was actually far more violent than I’d been expecting. (I think Conan may have killed or maimed more people than in the previous two films combined.)

    I’m curious if the following magical elements were part of your shooting script- or if they were simply added by Stackpole. Perhaps you could clear this up?


    -Conan attempts to enter the Red Wastes, but is repeatedly thwarted by a sorcerer’s wards

    -Marique makes use of dragonflies and some type of demonic horse

    (end spoilers)

    I thought the former was particularly interesting and wouldn’t mind seeing it in the actual film.

  • Sean Hood

    Foom is correct in that I am not responsible for a THOUSANDS of important creative decisions on Conan. Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and as most people know, the screenwriter usually has absolutely no say in the actual filmming process.

    I was lucky in that the producers on Conan often asked my opinion, and kept me involved through the editing process, as screenwriters usually aren’t, but the decisions were not mine to make.

    Foom is also correct in noting that the films you see my name on IMDB are for the most part, TERRIBLE, and I talk a bit about what it feels like to get “bad reviews” in the article they quoted above.

    I mean The Crow: Wicked Prayer? Halloween Resurrection? I completely understand your trepidation. If I were any of you reading this blog, I’d assume that Sean Hood was a talentless hack and I’d weep for the Conan brand

    So how did I get the Conan gig, and why do I keep getting work? Basically, because of my unproduced original screenplays. In particular, my unproduced original script for “Hercules” was what producers on Conan read before hiring me.

    I also wrote a dark, mind-bending thriller based on a real life event in the life of Nellie Bly. This script has been in the hands of A-list actresses and A-list directors for years, but it STILL hasn’t gotten off the ground.

    That scripts often get rave “reviews” from the executives and producers who read it, along with condolences, “too bad that didn’t get made. It’s just fantastic, but female leads, dramas and period films are just hard. They don’t make their money back. But, we love your writing and we’d like to hire you to write Children of The Corn Part 36.”

    You can read about why I take jobs writing “shlock,” here:

    The truth is that I have to pay the mortgage, and the primary way I do that is “script doctoring.” Often, alas…the patient dies on the table.

    The bottom line is, as a screenwriter, one has to write TEN scripts to get ONE made…and the ones that get made are often the cheesy, work-for-hire projects.

    I’m not complaining though. Screenwriting is a fabulous job, even on the bad movies.

  • Sean Hood

    My advice to anyone here is that it is perfectly appropriate to level harsh criticism against the film where you feel it is warranted. That kind of critique actually promotes discussion.

    The key is always to point your attacks at the film itself and the creative choices that were made…don’t make personal attacks on the individuals who worked on the film, especially the actors, who are at the end of the day, just ordinary people trying to do the best job they can.

    Write your comments as if the people you are attacking are actually READING your comments…because believe it or not, they sometimes ARE.

    And also, attacking each other does make for tiresome reading…and often drives away filmmakers like me who are interested in your opinion.

    In general, Foom, Dilks and the webmasters here have often been harshly critical of elements of the screenplay (or the rather, what information they have about the screenplay.) That is NOT an attack on me personally…that is a criticism of the work. All criticism of the work is fare game, no matter how harsh.

    Now…the fan who called me a “Hollywood Pig Fucker” on the IMDB discussion forum DID attack me personally. But that made me laugh so hard I had to forward the comment to all my friends. 🙂


    – Hollywood Pig Fucker

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alanarion for saying in perfect words what many of many of us here feel is the problem with Mr. Foom and Mr. Dilks. As for Mr. Foom, I think he’s just plain disrespectful. He can argue against that assertion all he wants – and you know he will – but the truth is the truth. There’s just something about his posts, like you said, that tend to reek of sarcasm and a lack of civility. Go back far enough and you’ll find that his earlier posts about Mr. Hood were far from constructive criticism. In fact they were downright insulting. Kudos to Mr. Hood for engaging Mr. Foom in such a gracious matter and taking the higher road as it were.

  • Anonymous

    Waldgeist, I understood your point, but you got it wrong.

    Someone writing in perfect english who tells me he wants me to write a scenario on Conan as a kozaki because he can’t do it in proper english, sorry but I didn’t buy it . Apparently it was a misunderstanding in the end.

    Rick telling Hood what a martyrdom he endured, to read all these mean words I , Dilks and others who share similar opinions have SUPPOSEDLY written about him.
    That is simply a stupid remark and out of place to say what Rick said:

    “I admire your patience with people like Foom and Dilks. If I were in your shoes, my own patience about being constantly nagged and nit-picked at would’ve run out LONG ago…”

    Awww come on, this “I’d tell them to fuck off if I was you, you’re such a cool guy” , THAT is boring to read.
    All this coating officials with sugar each time is displeasing to read. Some bloggers should simply talk to them like to them like to any other human being.

    This way of putting me and others in the “mean guys” bag is boring too, we’re not the same person and we do not agree on everything neither.

    I was discussing points , IN PEACE, with Hood and other bloggers when Rick comes buy and starts this old business over again about “Foom and Dilks”. We’re not “Charybdis and Scylla” , mein freund! 😉

    cheers, man, it’s hot and it’s time to drink something cool

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Sean Hood, for being someone REALISTIC and SINCERE, unlike people who like trouble here .

    Indeed, and you noted it as well, I never attacked you personally and if I agree or disagree with some of your choices when I’ll see the film, I’ll say it politely as I’ve always did with those who were polite to start with.
    And I’m glad to see you always were.
    Perhaps I’ll propose a few ideas , and you’ll give me your opinion about them,if it’s feasible in relation to a film script or not, that’s what people like Derek77 should do more often here instead of complaining like kids about me and others.

  • Sean Hood

    I can’t reveal specifics or spoilers about the film. All I can say is that there are a number of magical elements in the movie, mostly centered on the sorceress, Marique.

    I can also say that there are many details, scenes and magical elements that were in my shooting script, made it into the novelization, but may not have been included in the final cut of the movie…(but may be included in DVD.) So it’s hard for me to comment on any one specific element.

    Lastly, Stackpole did invent a number of fabulous things to expand upon the movie, which ultimately is heavier on action than it is on character psychology and REH style detail.

  • Sean Hood

    I would also like to see a number of films track Conan’s rise to king. I’m really not worried about running out of material to work with. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sean Hood,…I posted these questions on the fan Q and A on, but since you seem to be here…

    If Conan says “I live, I love, I slay. I am content.” That reflects Conan living in the moment, and being completely free of worries about the past or the future. How can that possibly mesh with a life long quest for revenge?

    Since you dropped in lines from Frost Giant’s Daughter in the current movie (I recognized them in the trailer.) How can you then use it as the opening for a future movie?

    If you used Red Nails as inspiration while writing this one, does that mean that Red Nails can’t ever be used as the basis for a sequel?

    Is Dirk Blackman’s script officially Conan 2?

  • Anonymous

    I think we have a different opinion on how to converse with other people then. You calling people to o-tone “shut the fuck up” or “dickhead” or “asshole” is not how I normally talk to people.

    I talk to Sean like I’d talk to you, talk to Rick, taranaich and many other people I know online. I am not sugar coating anything, I just don’t agree with the opinion, that every hated debate needs to involve crapping all over peoples faces.

    BUT, to clarify, before this gets out of hand. I really enjoy your comments recently. They are a tenfold improvement to before, they are reasonable, for the most part much less aggressive and if you continue this road, I personally am all fine with it.

    I just wanted to remind you, that the hostility that some commenters show towards you is not based on thin air. But let’s put this discussion aside and forget about the past, since we have the chance, after all comments were removed due to the introduction of DISQUS 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Not complaining at all, Mr. Foom, just stating fact and echoing what Alanarion had stated so eloquently. Twist it around all you want because that is, after all, what you do best whenever someone calls you out. I’m not complaining at all. Just stating the truth, brother. But, please, don’t insult us by saying that you are here to merely express opinions and propose ideas. You are doing much more than that and everyone knows it. I don’t want to start a quarrel with you. Lord knows there are enough bloggers here who have taken on that mission. What I do want to say is that your bullying, sarcasm, negativity and hostility is getting tiresome. To reiterate what Alanarion said: “The hostility that some commenters show towards you is not based on thin air.”

  • Sean Hood

    I’ll answer on along with the other questions later…but my agent is yelling at me to stop posting comments and get back to work.

    So I must say goodbye for now…I’ll stop in again sometime.

  • Let us be clear: I was directing my coments to Mr.Hood.Not you,Mr. Foom. “Mein Freund”? You seem to be working under the delusion that I would consider ANYONE who, five paragraphs earlier,referred to a remark I made as”stupid”. I do NOT speak to my’friends’ that way, nor do they speak to me in such a manner. Nor do my actual ‘friends’ claim I am “boring” and vice versa.

    Nor was I attempting to bestow “martyrdom” upon Mr. Hood; nor was I attempting to pour “sugar” on ANYONE. I am also sorry for “displeasing” anyone with my comments,nor “bore” them. Not that my goal in life has much to do with whether or not I “displease” or “bore” you…or anyone else.

    I do want to thank you for reminding me why I left this blog in the first place. Criticism is one thing: I’ve had far more stories rejected than published. Ceaseless pissing and moaning about each and every little thing is something else entirely. Having learned my lessen, rather than bore and displease the royal court, I will now impose self-exile…Nor will I be so boring as to return a third time…Rick Garrett

  • P.S. Sorry to have left part of a sentence missing from my opening paragraph: following the word”stupid” should been finished with”…I would cosider a friend. I also left an ‘m’ out of the word “comment”. This must have been both “boring” and “displeasing” for bloggers to read, not to mention “stupid” on my part. With apologies to all, I’ll now take my leave.

  • Anonymous

    i already got to my third corona !hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    No need to threaten to leave the blog, just realize you’ve made a mistake saying me and Dilks nagged and insulted S.Hood, while we were criticizing sometimes very harshly OTHER people who took part in the production.

  • Anonymous

    Alanarion/Waldgeist , this little game displeases me.
    I never told Rick nor Hood to “shut the fuck up” “dickhead” nor “asshole” .
    I’m not quite sure what I told their grandmas now that you mention them… 😉

    ..You know VERY WELL to whom I said this : it was after pages and pages of provocations from CosmicCharles and his sockpuppets.
    First I answered with humour or ignored, then I made the mistake to insult IN RETURN.
    Perhaps you’ve forgotten the LONG LIST of degrading insults I had to read BEFORE I myself finally joined the bad word game? Almost all of these bloggers (who had LESS THAN CLEAR INTENTIONS ) are fortunately not on this new version of conanmovieblog, and that’s the good news.
    After all, they hadn’t discussed the film once, their only goal was to remain on the personal ground.

    Read well S. Hood’s last posts, not once does he talk about being insulted by me and even answers some VERY IMPORTANT questions that many Conan fans didn’t dare to ask.

    I’d even say that S.Hood’s way of promoting himself is the RIGHT way, adressing directly the problems mentioned (problems which irritate a lot more fans than just me) and answering questions, while explaining a few tricks about the movie world.
    I wasn’t sure, so I wrote a comment where I showed I had severe doubts , doubts which he promptly adressed in his following posts.

    I didn’t see NISPEL , on this blog, he who said literally that he “already had a Conan movie in his head when the 1982 came out”, he didn’t even write the friggen script of his own movie, nor did he ask Howard experts nor Conan fans what they would like to see onscreen before the project started. Think about it.

    So as you suggested, Waldgeist, this is the past but don’t start throwing out accusations you know are not true, or else we’ll call you ” Sleeping Fuhrer” as Finn said. But no, he already took the pseudo!!
    I suggest Obersturmfuhrer Katze 😉

  • This is exactly what I meant. You insult me, by sarcastically comparing my work, of trying to keep the blog civil, to being part of THE worst regime this world has ever seen.

    This is impossibly insulting to me, especially since I am German.

    You said all the things I quoted and no, they were not part of the discussion you just posted and you didn’t start them after being insulted, you insulted first too. Stop selling yourself as the shining angle of discussion: You are not that and your “funny side-remark” just pointed that out clearly.

    I am not a Nazi and I will not accept any more jokes about this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Start proposing ideas concerning a Conan film or just remain silent. Anyone present on the past version of the blog knows who said what and when, it’s useless to distort the truth your own little way. You sure didn’t try to calm things down , that’s what I remember, Derek.
    Yup you’re right there, the hostility of SOME BLOGGERS.
    Remind me which ones please, oh , those who called me little dick, premature ejaculator , who made all these childish comments about me bumfucking Steve Dilks and other “negativists” ?
    No wonder I insulted CosmicCharles and his buddies, he deserved it.
    Friendly folks who have gladly disappeared from this new and fresh blog.
    You know that “new and fresh start” Waldgeist talked to you about when you started attacking me with your first post a few days ago.

    Time to forget about me and write a few ideas on the blog, isn’t it, Derek?

  • Harsh realization. Excellent idea.Were I not so “displeasing”; “:boring” and given to “stupid” remarks, I’m certain I could do as instructed. But, I seem unable to grasp the meaning and intent of so very much, leaving truly is my only recourse. I am glad that you are able, still, to catch my “mistakes”. I will use this as a learning experience and, in the future, seek out only the company of others who are as ‘mistakenly stupid’ and ‘displeasingly boring’ as I.Until that time, however, this is simply a party which (a) I was not invited to;(b) certainly do not feel welcome attending; and (c)am clearly too “boring” to “displease” the hosts by staying.Thank you for attempting, albeit in vain, to elevate me to a higher intellectual level that I am, sadly, as yet unable to attain. One day, perhaps…one day…till that Elysian day arrives, however, it’s best if I bid you farewell…

  • Anonymous

    Come on Waldgeist! everyone knows you’re not a nazi, and if I hated germans and germany I wouldn’t have studied it as an extra class (which I paid for) for 7 years.
    So you don’t accept funny side remarks but I should perhaps, especially all those remarks about me and Dilks bumfucking each other?

    Perhaps you forget what CosmicCharles , Bistro24, Balthazar and friends started telling me and Steve Dilks, I kept a copy of all those pages if you want to know.

    I already admitted to say these words bu, but in return to what had been said as a provocation to me, and if you insist on the contrary,insinuating I came on the blog to start an insult game, then it is profoundly dishonest, I’m sorry.

    I though it was a fresh start, WITHOUT the putrid memory of CosmicCharles, Balthazar and other similar provocators.
    come on, let’s drink a fresh german or belgian beer to a better Conan sequel and put this shit behind us huh?

  • Anonymous

    We’ll never forget you, Foom, now will we?


  • Anonymous

    My God, Foom, now you’re accusing people of being Nazis? When will your madness end? It’s time that the powers that be of this blog ban you from ever posting here again. NOW . . . (B-l-h-z-r)

  • Anonymous

    Derek, you’re dying to read an eventual comment I would make about your signature “BLZHR” and the blogger “Balthazar” who did nothing but insult me on the previous conanmovieblog.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I will make no such comment. 😉

    Continue faking to be offended by my joke to Waldgeist, it amuses me.

  • Anonymous

    but you already did, my dear Foom 🙂

  • We do have to conclude that Conan is not a rapist because of the Vale of Lost Women quote. He may be an attempted rapist. If Atali is using subtle magic to make Conan want to rape her, then she wants him to try to rape her. That would imply that the desire for sex is consensual. But her goal isn’t to have sex, it’s to lead him to his doom at the hands of her brothers. Sex is not part of her plans. It doesn’t seem quite consensual, but I guess Conan should get a pass since she is trying to kill him.

    And more importantly, Atali was asking for it because of what she was wearing, Conancito.

  • NEIN JOKING!!!!!

    You work for the conan game and advertise it sometimes. You are German and have an authoritarian, anti-free speech streak in you. Normally you don’t talk on this blog except to step in and try to control how people talk to each other, telling them what they can’t say, or threatening them. Free speech offends you when it gets too confrontational. This thinking is fine until it crosses the line from your personal idea to action as an administrator and you begin trying to silence people.

    If you were from Russia or China (two countries that had worse regimes than the nazis), the best thing to call you would be a communist. You are from Germany, so nazi analogies are the best fit for your dictatorial internet behavior. If my memory is right, I believe it originally comes from you mentioning that some kind of German laws were actually being broken or could be broken just from the shit talking of (mostly) a few brits and americans on this internet forum.

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