Second motion poster, Comic-Con hints, and official website relaunches tonight!

Normally (by which I mean starting recently) I try to keep to a single post every day, so we don’t end up with one week with multiple posts on one day, and have at least something new for visitors and regulars most days. However, I really have to comment on’s latest report, since time is of the essence: is getting a relaunch – tonight!

For more, including a new motion poster and information on the film’s presence at the San Diego Comic-Con, click on!

What is best in life?

Well, back in the early 1980s the answer had something to do with crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women.  Today, things are a little more advanced.

Not only is this August’s remake of Conan the Barbarian coming at us in muscular, native 3D, even the poster has a little bit of pop.

Explore the world of Conan with your mouse and share it with your friends! And if your friends don’t share it with their friends, split their skull open with a broadswoard and use their brain matter for pie filling.

Below, we’re happy to debut the first “motion portrait” from Conan, just one of the many nifty things our friends at Lionsgate Films tells us we can expect between now and Comic-Con in late July.

I can just imagine what glorious offerings to Crom Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman are preparing for Hall H.  (Something tells me it will involve Lang welcoming us somewhere.)

Now that you are ready to tear off your shirt with Hyborian zeal, you should know that this is merely a sneak peek of the flick’s official site which is re-launching later tonight.  Check it out at

(I choose not to comment on those “offerings to Crom,” mostly because if anyone is stupid enough to do so, I’ll enjoy seeing exactly what form the dooms Crom sends to those foolish enough to call his attention to them will be…)

So, let’s look at the poster. For the moment, I can only direct you to the link, and show you a few screenshots: we’ll go left to right.

Jason Momoa’s Conan, naturally, with a number of horsemen behind him, and a soon-to-be-very-dead enemy before him. Again, I’m perplexed as to why they haven’t taken the option to show off Momoa’s 6’4″ frame instead of making him look more or less the same size as one of Khalar Zym’s mooks.

In a nice little touch, every so often a flock of birds will fly out from behind the rocks in V-formation. Significance unknown: probably just a colourful little addition, rather than a hint of Zym’s sorcerous agents.

One of Khalar Zym’s henchman has apparently seen a shiny penny on the ground. “See a penny, pick it up, all through the day you’ll have good lu-AAAAGH!”

Another unfortunate henchman, this one face-down. I’m unsure of the identification of the battlements that form the background of this poster, but at a guess, I’d say it’s the same general area as the ruins in the beginning of the trailer, since we also see the distinctive skull-rock.

“Maybe if I just lie perfectly still, the giant Cimmerian will leave me alone…”

Two more henchmen, in the shadow of Skull Rock, which is either the Sorceress of Grayskull’s summer home, or the resting place of Captain Pugwash’s lost gold.

It’s our old pal Akhun the Jailer, portrayed by Nathan Jones, standing triumphant with his warhammer (which has a head like a gigantic meat tenderiser) aloft.

This unfortunate fellow is a bit of a mystery to me: a Cimmerian? One of Artus’ crew? A slaver? Who knows.

I had a damned difficult time figuring out how to embed this poster – a bit difficult to share a poster with barbarian friends without an embed option, so I guess it’s brain pie for all – but when I figure it out, I’ll update this post.

As of this posting, nothing new on, just the same stuff as before. I’ll be checking periodically to comment on anything new that does appear, and will keep you fine folks informed.

Still, what we do know is that, in contrast to the seeming blackout last year, Conan the Barbarian (2011) will have a presence at Comic-Con, and that Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Steven Lang and Ron Perlman will be present, and that everything’s being prepared in Hall H. H for Hyborian? H for Howard? H for Habromania?

EDIT: our heroic Gatekeeper seems to have cracked the embed code: