News round-up: new official image, behind-the-scenes, 3D, Conan’s traits, and more!

We’ll start off with a new official image from Empire:

Even more after the click.

Shockya brings us two Conan the Barbarian banners, one domestic, and one Russian:

Mikoza reminded me to clarify that the Russian banner is in Cyrillic, and that the phonetic pronunciation would be something along the lines of Konan: Varvar. Either that, or it’s the Cimmerian’s little-known cousin Kohah Bap Bap.

Two behind the scenes photos from IMDB, featuring the poor bisected bearded chap who’s turned up in a few photos:

And another sent to the blog by one of our agents, a fantastic shot of the Hornet:

An interesting Variety article on the 3D equipment and effects used in the film:

“The proprietary tools and the relationships Lowry had were very valuable to us,” says Reliance MediaWorks CEO Anil Arjun of the rationale behind the acquisition. With the diversification of RMW Burbank, “we created a global technology center to fuel our business worldwide,” That business includes the iLab postproduction and vfx house in London and a new 2D-to-3D conversion facility in Mumbai, launched in May, that is handling Lionsgate’s “Conan the Barbarian” remake and several other major studio films due for release this year.

According to RMW Burbank COO Reid Burns, the recent emphasis on 3D is an evolutionary application of software originally developed for restorations, such as grain-removal tools.

“Using our proprietary processes to digitally remove the grain, increases the accuracy and expedites the rotoscoping, object separation and clean-plate paint work for 2D-to-3D conversions,” Burns says. “We have also developed automated fixes for the polarization issues prevalent in stereo capture today. When photographing images that may have windows, chrome or other reflective surfaces, polarization issues are a common problem that we have been fixing for a number of stereo productions. As an example, we have recently been working with DreamWorks on ‘Fright Night’ remedying these type of issues.”

Sean Hood answers more questions on Quora, this time on Conan’s personality traits, virtues and ideals:

Conan has few ideals. While he shows fierce loyalty to friends, a hatred for the practice of slavery,  a respect for female warriors, and a disdain for “civilization,” he is not driven by a “higher purpose.” I would call him amoral in that he is not concerned with traditional issues right and wrong.

As far as his virtues, unlike some heroes who “learn a lesson” or “grow” in the course of a story, Conan is compelling precisely because – despite enormous danger and pressure – he stubbornly refuses to change. So his virtues are strength, stamina, and cunning. He is after all a thief, a pirate and a slayer.

Other words I’d use to describe his traits are:

Charismatic and lusty. He likes drink heavily and carry off naked, eager slavegirls.

Brutal and a bit bloodthirsty. He loves “the feasting of swords!”

Dark and brooding. He’s prone to deep melancholy.

Ultimately, I think that Conan, as he appears in the Robert E. Howard stories and in the new movie, lives in the moment. This is why you hear him say, in the trailer, “I live, I love, I slay. I am content.”

Finally, you might want to check back Part 2 of my trailer analysis, as I put forward a theory as to the identification of the mysterious female archer, and the actress who plays her, as well as adding a link to a higher resolution of the second poster. In addition, I have at least two more posts with as-yet-unpublicized photographs on the visual effects and set photography of the film in the pipeline, which I’ll be posting tomorrow and the day after that, so check back then!