Jason Momoa interview with Access Hollywood

A short video now from Jason Momoa, who talked with Access Hollywood about filming Conan, stunts, and Arnold. Click below to read on for the video and a transcription of what Momoa has to say!

The interview starts with a magazine featuring the famous picture of Momoa riding through the forest, and Momoa’s issues with equestrianism as related in the recent Den of Geek interview are relayed straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak):

You know what, surprisingly, that’s my best acting job, because right there, I’m pooping my pants. I hate horses. And me and that horse didn’t get along very well: he broke a couple of my ribs, I almost died just after that shot was taken. I look like I know what I’m doing, but…

When the interviewer remarked upon how the horse looks more scared of Momoa than Momoa does of the horse, Momoa responded:

He should be! Conan 2, I’m gonna start with me eating that horse.

Discussion soon turned to Momoa’s physique, and whether he still had his six pack:

No, I’ve got a four pack I was at the pool earlier, having a good time, so no.

The interviewer then asked how Momoa gained the role:

I went on an audition for HBO to do A Game of Thrones, which comes out April 17th, and that had the same casting director for Conan. And I went in, and the role I had to play, he’s this king, he’s a savage in the same way, and I actually did the haka. I don’t know if you know what that is, it’s a Hawaian – have you ever seen the All Blacks’ haka? It’s like this proper dance, it’s a war dance you go into battle with. And so I did it, and it’s very scary. No one else pulls out the haka, which actually helps when you’re auditioning: “all right, now I can do anything I want to!” You know, I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but, you know, the same casting director was there, and it worked out, he’s like “I’ve got your Conan.”

Momoa also reveals that not only has he seen footage of the film, but footage in 3D:

Huge. And I just got to see a bunch of footage today in 3D, and it was amazing. It’s a dream come true, you know? I’ve been doing this for twelve years, I’ve always wanted to be on the big screen. It’s been hard, a hard road, it’s big shoes to fill, but I know I can do it, and it’s fantastic, and everyone did a great job.

As is probably inevitable, the shadow of Arnold is cast over proceedings, as the interviewer asks Momoa if Arnold’s seen any footage:

You know, Arnold’s not been really returning my calls, so I don’t know! When he does, I’m excited to hear what he says. I’m sure he’ll be fine: I can’t wait to hear from him, I can’t wait to see him, I can’t wait to meet him. Absolutely. He’s Arnold. I don’t think it’s that easy to get his number, but I’ll try!