Conan vs. Thor vs. Green Lantern at

A fun little video popped up at featuring some sound bites from Russell Brand, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Dame Helen Mirren and Jason Momoa regarding their upcoming films Arthur, Green Lantern, Thor and, of course, Conan the Barbarian, while they were at Cinemacon.

Russell Brand starts off, seemingly flabbergasted at being in the company of the Thunder God and the Cimmerian:

I seen Thor a minute ago. Thor. Thor! Just wandering around! Loose! There was, you see Conan… and Thor!

Surprisingly succinct for the normally loquacious Brand. Next, we have Momoa:

We’ve got Ryan Reynolds in green tights… which is kinda hot! We’ve got Thor with the hammer, we’ve got me with a sword, which actually kills people…

With all the criticisms of Momoa’s swimsuit model looks and what appears to be eyeliner, I think Momoa’s actively trolling the trolls. What a guy! Ryan Reynolds follows up:

I’m gonna say the last man standing, well, it’s gonna be two last men standing, I think that’s definitely Thor and Green Lantern. You know, I don’t know what a… you know… like a… Medieval, Mongolian, sword-wielding guy’s gonna do against superpowers. I don’t know. I don’t know about that…

Huh. The Medieval comment’s obviously not worth commenting on, just a vague generalization. I’ve heard Conan being erroneously called a Sumerian, an Assyrian, a Serbian, and even a Berber, but Mongolian’s a new one. Perhaps he’s getting Conan mixed up with Momoa’s other upcoming role, Khal Drogo, who is a lot closer to Mongolian than Conan. Or he remembered there being a Mongol General in Conan the Barbarian (at least, that’s what the credits name Akio Mitamura’s character, he was a Turanian in the script). Either way, Reynolds loses serious geek points for this snafu. Chris Hemsworth offers his perspective:

Gotta say Thor, gotta back up my guy, my character, you know? He’s a god. He’s got an incredibly huge sort of hammer, and he controls the thunder and the lightning, so…

I love these little contests: they’re just so difficult to predict accurately, and there’s no accounting for upsets or vagaries. Which is why Deadliest Warrior’s such a mess. But I digress. Dame Mirren concludes our little video:

You know, Arthur’s not about violence, and, you know, muscle and brawn. Arthur is about wit, and heart, and generosity of spirit. And he could drink those two under the table, he would absolutely slaughter them!

Nah, Arthur’s really about a spoiled, privileged alcoholic millionaire’s child who has to choose between wealth and true love and ends up getting both anyway… argh, there I go again! And I liked Arthur, too. Thor may have drank a good portion of the sea through a drinking horn in the Lokrur cycle, but that’s nothing compared to an upper-class British toff, apparently.

So, we’ve learned that Russell Brand is awed by Thor, Jason Momoa goes to 1 on the Kinsey Scale for Ryan Reynolds in green tights, Ryan Reynolds gets a point on his Geek License, and Helen Mirren makes light of serious addictive disorders.  (I jest, I jest!)