Conan Movie Blog Forum Community question

I am no longer actively posting news on the blog, but I am still privately host of the blog. I see the amount of comments and people posting increasing every day and so I thought it might be time to direct a question at you, the Conan Movie Blog Community.

We wanted to ask you guys first, because we all know the entry barrier for a forum is pretty high and many people just can’t be bothered to manage yet another forum account. But we also don’t wanna pass on the opportunity to give you a more extended home, that enables you to be more active.

Choose what you like and we will act accordingly 🙂

On a sidenote, a couple of days ago we broke through the 100 000 unique visitors per month barrier for this month already 🙂 – Yay! (good job Taranaich for continuing to build this community!)


To clarify all confusion. This blog as it is now will stay exactly as it is right now, including all it’s functionality and comment system. This poll is just there to determine how many people would be interested in an additional forum – obviously we need people to make a forum worthwhile. We didn’t know outright how many of the readers of the blog would even be interested in conversing in a forum, so we thought to give it a vote. Again, nothing will change once a forum is added. It’s just there as an additional functionality.