Conan the Barbarian (1982) on Blu-Ray at last?

Considering the number of past films which have appeared on Blu-Ray since the Format Wars were won three years ago, one can only wonder in amazement that Conan the Barbarian is one of the few Arnold Schwarzenegger classics which hasn’t been transferred to the format. Even Red Sonja’s been translated to Blu-Ray. However, the wait may soon be over, as Albion Sword’s Facebook page may have let the cat out of the bag:

This week, Marc Ostrick from Ostrick Productions (California) is here shooting some “extra” stuff for the upcoming Blu-Ray re-release of 1982’s Conan the Barbarian. Marc arrived just before the blizzard hit (welcome to Wisconsin!). Joe Waites is giving a forging exhibition in this photo. Aaron Pynenberg will also be featured, demonstrating Western swordsmanship, Lars will be talking about the design work that goes into our Filmswords recreations, along with some other interviews and footage showing what we do here. Ought to be an interesting feature!

Albion Swords, of course, are working on replicas of the 1982 Jody Samson designs.

So it seems Conan the Barbarian is finally making its way into high definition. With the greater disc space available, I can imagine many extras impossible on previous DVD recordings could be included: remastered sound & visuals, many extra features, perhaps even the recent re-recorded soundtrack as an option. They could even go the Tron: Legacy rout, and provide a  special collectable packaging (perhaps modeled after the Wheel of Pain?) containing the Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy all in one box, in addition to the standard Blu-Ray release. From a Howard fan’s point of view, one can only hope that this new DVD updates the deeply flawed chapter on Robert E. Howard in “Conan Unchained,” or perhaps they’ll create an entirely new documentary. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for more details.

Many thanks to the Robert E. Howard Forum’s Seamvs for the scoop.