Raad Rawi is Fassir

Just as I was wondering who the chap playing the man who appears to be Fassir in certain mysterious photographs circulating the aether, Stampfer pulls through once again: the actor is Raad Rawi, and he is indeed playing Fassir.

Rawi is an accomplished and seasoned actor who’s been working since the 1970s, starting with his film debut in Midnight Express. He is most likely familiar to British audiences through one of his many one-off appearances on British television: Bergerac, Coronation Street, The Bill, The New Statesman, Trial & Retribution, Tales of the Unexpected, Wire in the Blood, Silent Witness and countless more. Rawi has made appearances in the States too, turning up on Murphy’s Law, Generation Kill, and The Kingdom, among others. Perhaps his highest profile role to date was in the recent miniseries House of Saddam, as the Jordanian Prime Minister, Abdul Karim al-Kabariti.

Ebakin and Fana de Fantasy, two French fantasy websites, announced the news back in April. I hope my French is a bit better than my Bulgarian.

Raad Rawi has also joined Conan

The actor is the latest to join the project by Marcus Nispel, currently being filmed. Raad Rawi will Fassi, a supporting role. In a casting sheet which had leaked a few months ago, Fassi was none other than the head of the monastery charged with overseeing the education of Princess Ilira. Literate, witty, he is loving but strict at the same time. Evidently, with the rewrite of the script signed Andrew Lobel and Sean Hood, things may have changed a lot in the meantime. Clearly, not everything has been rewritten from the ground up to much.

And here’s Fassir’s character description from the casting sheet:

[ FASSIR ] He’s in his 50s, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caucasian, SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES, strict yet loving, learned and spiritual, an elder monk and leader of the monastery. He’s charged with the care and education of the queen, Ilira. SUPPORTING

Looking at the pictures of Raad and the other photographs, I’m positive that they are one and the same. Well, I don’t think I was too far off the mark with Erick Avari and Tony Amendola, since – in my opinion, at least – Raad looks a bit like both of them, despite all three being of very different ethnicities. Rawi is one of those prolific actors who always portrays minor or supporting roles, but you can never quite put your finger on his name -  like Robert Loggia, Vincent Schiavelli, or Roy Brocksmith. Whether Rawi puts in a competent performance without stealing the show from the leads, or proves a pleasant surprise, remains to be seen.