Disappearing Posts

Recently, I made a post that included a number of pictures from the upcoming Conan film. However, due to circumstances of distribution and copyright, I have had to take down both the pictures and the source.  I’m going to respect the wishes of all involved, but at the same time, I feel the need to keep everyone informed about the upcoming film, especially considering there’s been a considerable dearth of news over the past few weeks.

Exactly what to do with this news I’m uncertain, but I’ll come to a conclusion fairly soon. I just ask that anyone who does have the links and pictures, please do not post them in the comments or elsewhere, until all this is figured out.

EDIT: It seems Bleeding Cool has some images which I shall neither confirm nor deny that are related to said disappeared images.  I don’t know exactly where Bleeding Cool got these images in their mysterious email, but I shall say it was not from any of the team at Conan Movie Blog.