Alina Puşcău & Nonso Anozie on the set of Conan

Blog regular Stampfer has alerted us to two new pictures – hitherto unseen – of cast members for the film.

The first is a tweet from Alina PuÅŸcău, which was linked in and Here, we see her in costume, wearing some exotic headgear and a cozy-looking dressing gown. She doesn’t look half bad, certainly more appropriate than the permed SoCal babes that turned up on Hercules or Xena, and more akin to a Turkic or Persian girl in traditional dress (aside from the dressing gown, of course).

The background gleans a little more information. There’s a really muscular chap wearing very little third from the left: a slave, perhaps? The dreadlocked warriors we’ve all come to know are still in evidence, as is the suitably crude looking wagon. Aside from that, not much else to say about the picture.

From the first (machine-and-fumbling-Scot-translated) article:

After she said that she had opened the show from the American Bizz emergence of Playboy, Alina Puşcău posted a photo on her Twitter while shooting for the movie Conan, which she stars in.

Alina has a secondary role the Hollywood remake of the movie Conan the Barbarian. She posted on Twitter photo on set, appearing in costume. “I am very happy to be part of the film” she wrote on the social networking site.

The article is particularly interesting, because there’s another Conan production link (again, crudely translated by a Scot with no inkling of Romanian):

Alina Puşcău, aged 28, is one of the few women who managed to leave Romania and to build a successful career in New York.

In America, which enjoys the attention of fashion designers, she is one of the most popular models.

As she herself confessed, the unexpected and surprising appearance in Playboy in 2009, has opened many doors, and among them is the opportunity to play in a movie. Alina Puşcău received a secondary role in Hollywood film Conan the Barbarian, where she stars with Nonso Anozie.

While enjoying impressive professional success, the model can not boast of this and the sentimental.

A few months ago, she ended the relationship with the director of the series “Prison Break”, Brett Ratner, aged 41 years.

“Brett wanted me to have a child and get married and I never agreed. Not now. But his family insisted on this issue. I told Brett that I came from Romania, that I marry someone rich. I built a career through my work and I want to continue. He wanted to control me, to take care of me. He initially didn’t believe me when I say that we broke up, but after one month and realized that not coming back to him. I replied that I want to continue what we started, we have built working hard. But he wanted to stay home, to take care of the child he wanted to have. I was treated as a princess, everything I wanted, but he did not want to let me continue my career. He would not let me be an actress, that is what I now want to do. With him, no longer Alina was another person,” he told Alina Puscau.

The supermodel certainly will not lack for admirers. Earlier this year, even Playboy’s daddy, Hugh Hefner, was impressed, saying that Alina is a right gorgeous Romanian.

Long-time followers of the film’s production will remember the storm of outrage and blaspheming when Brett Ratner was believed to be the new director of Conan, though his involvement was never officially announced. It’s an interesting coincidence – or do we have Miss PuÅŸcău to thank for Ratner not wanting to work on the picture? Who knows.

The second picture is from PuÅŸcău is present, but so is Nonso Anozie, in what I believe is the first picture of Anozie’s character. PuÅŸcău’s attire seems the same as in the previous shot, and her place next to Anozie, as well as her body language and rather tough expression, indicates she may be more than a mere harem girl. Hmm, perhaps that isn’t a dressing gown after all… Apart from confirmation of Anozie’s presence, there isn’t really that much that can be derived. Anozie’s character was confirmed elsewhere to be the character Artus, who is no longer a Cimmerian, though still a pirate friend of Conan’s. He’s wearing the dreadlocks that seem to be standard issue for warriors in this interpretation of the Hyborian Age – though in Anozie’s case, it’s actually fairly appropriate, seeing as dreadlocks are popular in the African subcontinent, and so it follows that they would be in the Black Kingdoms too. Assuming that Anozie’s character is from the Black Kingdoms, of course…

As far as I know, Anozie’s presence on the film was never officially announced, with his involvement mostly confirmed by informers and IMDB, but this seems about as concrete as it gets:

The gorgeous model who impressed the ”daddy” of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, is acting in the movie Conan the Barbarian.

Alina Puscau, beautiful Romanian-born supermodel, was able to demonstrate that she is capable in other areas besides modeling. After having flirted with music, the attractive young woman who has impressed the U.S. edition of Playboy magazine has started acting. She plays a secondary role in the Hollywood remake of the movie Conan the Barbarian. In fact, several scenes of filming in Bulgaria have already been made public, where Alina appears.

In the movie Conan the Barbarian Alina joins a number of known fellow actors. The role of Conan is portrayed by Jason Momoa, and in the scene made it public on Facebook, the model appears alongside Nonso Anozie.

The film will be released only next year but will be worth waiting for, as Alina is involved in fire scenes.

Moreover, one of the reasons for her getting the role was her physique, as she admits: “For the movie Conan the Barbarian, I was chosen due to the appearance in Playboy.”

You’ll have to forgive me for not knowing an adequate translation for “fire scenes” – action scenes? Dramatic scenes? Or – given the focus on Alina’s Playboy image – sexy scenes?

Thanks to Stampfer for the links and pictures!