Rose McGowan on Conan and Red Sonja

At the 6th annual tribute to Johnny Ramone, BlairingOutShow caught up with Rose McGowan. Starting at about 2:52, McGowan drops a few hints about Conan and the dormant Red Sonja. Nothing we didn’t already know, but McGowan’s perspective is interesting.

Eric Blair: What’s going on with the Red Sonja movie?

Rose McGowan: “We’ll I just finished Conan – literally just finished – and uh, So we don’t know whats going on with Red Sonja. I think we’re gonna – uh – because it’s a male driven industry, the thing that’s gonna go first is Conan, which kinda makes sense because Red Sonja kinda came out after that, so, in the Robert E. Howard world. So we’ll see. I hope to do it. I don’t know, you know everything’s based on maybe how Conan does”

Blair: Who’s playing Conan?

Rose: A guy named, uh, Jason who is… 6’5, and he kills it in this movie, no pun intended, You could not find another actor. Jason Momoa, who is 6’5, in Hollywood — its just not gonna happen, so they needed to cast someone unknown really.”

It irks somewhat that McGowan seems to assert that the reasoning for Red Sonja’s delay for after Conan is because of the “male-dominated industry.” Surely it couldn’t be due to the fact that — well, Red Sonja’s a spinoff, and Conan’s on a completely different echelon of quality and popular consciousness?

Still, another vote of confidence in Jason Momoa is good to know.