More set pictures from Katarzyna Wolejnio

Some more pictures from cast member Katarzyna Wolejnio have surfaced. As was the case with her previous photos, they depict the lovely Katarzyna herself draped around the shoulders of Jason Momoa’s Conan in some sort of tavern environment: possibly where Conan meets his ally, Saïd Taghmaoui’s thief. These pictures appear to have been taken during shooting, or at least between takes. Worries about the 10,000 B.C.-style hair sported by the male extras won’t likely be allayed, sadly, and I’m a bit perplexed by what appears to be a heavyweight championship belt around Conan’s waist in the third photo, but overall, it’s much like previous set photos.

What I like about these pictures is the women. Unlike, say, Hercules the Legendary Journeys or the live-action Conan series, these women don’t look like a gaggle of So-Cal bimbos dressed up in cavegirl gear. These women are real: not all of them are classically beautiful, they’re of many shapes and sizes, they look like they might not have shaved underarms. Their teeth are white, sure, but this is an age before sugar and additives. Besides, some people just have nice teeth.