Saïd Taghmaoui Interview for Première

The Cimmerian’s Gallic stalwart Miguel Martins has alerted me to an interview with Saïd Taghmaoui, who is starring as a thief who plays a significant role in the film. Miguel has also provided a translation of the interview: Merci beaucoup, mon ami!

Conan, we’ve just finished the shooting.
I don’t know, I think it will be for December. It’s something huge, Conan, it has been awaited, because it is a cult film. I had the luck and honor to participate in this extraordinary adventure. They called me, they offered me the part. It’s just very pleasant, you know. Being acknowledged like that helps you to build yourself as an human being. You can expect a Conan revisited in 3D, a little bit like 300. A little bit harder, with fights more violent and special effects a little bit more crazy. It will be very interesting. I adored Conan when I was younger. It [Taghmaoui pauses] … overwhelmed me. These love scenes…I was 15, 14. It was the first time that I saw that in a cinema. Those muscular men… Conan, it was a little revolution. It had a whole phantasmagoric universe, and it touched me. So when they offered me to act in that [movie], I asked : “where do I sign?” I don’t even need to read the script, tell me where I have to sign, I just want to do it. Furthermore, it is a trilogy, and my character…if there’s a Conan 2, I’ll be there. It’s cool, you know. It’s also a way to show that we can do films set in the Middle-Ages while being of Arab origin. I would have dreamed of playing d’Artagnan in France. Why not? Ask the French authors. Conan, it’s the Middle-Ages, GI Joe, it’s a super-heroes, futuristic movie and we can make them without a problem in the United States… If we succed in opening breaches like that through what I achieve internationally, and if a million Saïds become actors, I would be the happiest man on Earth. It is between you and yourself, you and your imagination, you and the audience. You can achieve everything if you think you’re able to do it, when you give yourself the means to succeed…yes we can!

Première is a prestigious French film magazine, so to see an interview for the film is pretty significant — not to mention another French scoop for the film. The Cimmerian may be gone, but Miguel’s scoops keep on coming. It is great to hear Saïd is enthusiastic about the role, and he seems to appreciate the “melting pot” of cultures the Hyborian Age offers.

An Arab d’Artagnan… Hmm.