Two New Stills from Conan

Via Conan the Movie on Facebook, we have two new stills from Conan: clearer, cleaner versions of the ones printed in August’s issue of Empire.

That first picture is what they should’ve gone with from the beginning. Sure, Jason isn’t the hypertrophied behemoth Arnold was, but his expression says a thousand words. Most of those words being “kill” in multiple synonyms, variations, languages and euphemisms. Jason’s really starting to look like “the damnedest bastard there ever was.” The second I’m not feeling quite as much. His hair looks a bit like an Uruk-Hai from Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (though undoubtedly that’s due to the high speed he’s going) and I still hate the LARP sword and manica. Still, he certainly looks like he’s mastered the art of equestrianism, which looked like a substantial barrier only a few months ago: good on ya, Momo!

Much like James Purefoy as Solomon Kane, Jason is really growing on me as Conan: the effort he’s made to be true to Howard is clear to see even in these shots, and reports from the set confirm his enthusiasm. If only the same could be said of the scriptwriters, the director, the distributors…