Conan the Barbarian: The Musical!

If your heart skipped a beat after reading that title, all I can say is: HAHA (imagine Nelson voice)! In these days of mindless waiting, it’s time to have some proper fun and here is a little ode to Conan the Barbarian and Arnold Schwarzenegger in general. Of course there is no Conan musical, but this video makes fun of Arnold’s famous accent and some of the more iconic moments and lines from Conan the Barbarian.

Since it’s also time to add something of value to the Conan Movie fan, I thought you guys might like this lil image here. It was posted on the boards and is an image from a spanish magazine. I cleaned up the scan a bit, so you can properly enjoy the image. We don’t know where this shot is from, or why it’s appearing only in a spanish magazine, but we hope to get more like these in the not to distant future. Comic-Con is approaching and it’s said to be a date where more details on the upcoming Conan movie, interviews and stills from the movie will be revealed.