First Official Conan Movie picture released!

NuImage finally released the image of the already leaked version of Conan, from the Cannes presentation, on the web. In addition the NuBoyana Filmstudios announced, that they completed the shooting of the Conan Movie. In the official version of the picture they’ve also given Conan blue eyes, as the actor Jason Momoa originally has brown ones. They chose to change this afterwards with CGI instead of using blue contact lenses.

Most would agree, that by now the visuals of the actor Jason Momoa as Conan are close enough to what most would have wished for. Especially his facial expressions and strong general features are met with positive feedback throughout the community. The blue eyes effect on this image though looks quite unrealistic and I personally don’t understand why they would go for CGI if it doesn’t look more real than contact lenses – blue contacts always look kinda fake, since they are opaque to hide the darker original colour and do not reflect the light realistically. I suppose this was just a quick edit and the final result that is applied to the real film will be a lot better, so nothing to be worried about.

We appreciate to finally see a first glimpse at the real still photography of the movie and can’t wait to see more of it.