Frank Frazetta has passed away

Today, after having a major stroke, Frank Frazetta, the definite master of heroic fantasy art, passed away at the age of 82. Mr. Frazetta was a gifted artist from a very young age, being able to paint out of his mind, without referring to photographs or puppets. In addition to that, all of his art has a phenomenal kind of fluid motion frozen in the moment, that immediately captures the viewer with it’s energy. He is the inspiration for so many great modern fantasy artists and his contribution to the world of Conan is invaluable. For many people Frank Frazetta defined the look of Conan and the grittiness of the Hyborian Age. His image on the lancer paperback back in the 1970’s were one of the reasons they became such a major success and started a Conan boom unheard off until then.

Rest in peace Frank Frazetta, creator of worlds. Your art will continue to inspire and I hope you are united with your loving wife, wherever you are now.