A visit on the set of the new Conan movie

A journalist of Sofiaecho.com had the chance to visit the Conan film-set in Bulgaria in the Nu-Boyana Filmstudios in Sofia, to linger on the set and meet some of the movie’s stars in person. Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan were not present, but Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and Bob Sapp were there to meet him. The first article is only about Stephen Lang and he only quickly scratches the fact, that he is interviewing him in the trailer on the movie set. In the second article he talks to Ron Perlman in his trailer and asks him some questions and insight as to why he chose to play Conan’s father Corin.

It goes without saying, that the journalist praises the quality of the film-sets in the highest fashion. After all his article is for a local magazine, so take his words with a grain of salt ;)  It’s sad, that the writer did not provide any set shots, to back his opinion.

It’s also interesting that Perlman says, he took the job to play Corin, because of the quality of the script. I hope that Andrew Lobel’s hands worked a magical job and Sean Hood follows through with what he started, so that we too can say: We like the movie… because of the quality of the script. After all… it’s a movie about a character, created by one of the most esteemed and praised writers of modern Fantasy.