Gisella Marengo is cast as witch mother in Conan

It seems we are going to have a lot of motherly love in Conan, because the trusted source revealed, that another mom of one of the main cast – in this case the witch mother of Marique (Rose McGowan) – Italian actress Gisella Marengo has been cast. So far Gisella Marengo has been mostly active in Italian movies. Besides the fact that she will play the role of the witch mother of Rose McGowan, not much is known about her part in the movie, so we have to wait until more is unveiled of how large the part, that she will play, really is.

It’s interesting to see, that the smaller the part, the more “howardian” the women get. Even though she will play a mom, she throws in a more voluptuousness  than all of the other actresses that were cast up to this point. We will see if they will utilize her in any sensual way, or if she will be wrapped in layers of witch clothes. All I can say is, the more sensual women we get, the better; especially if they are of Italian heritage (this has nothing to do of course with me being practically married to an Italian woman 😉 )