Laila Rouass is going to be Conan’s mother

According to a trusted source, the mother, who gives birth to Conan on the battlefield and dies in the process, has been cast. It’s Laila Rouass! A UK born actress spending most of her career so far on the TV screens of the world. According to the plot synopsis and her casting description, the role for Conan’s mother is not really that extensive, so we won’t see much of her on screen.

She certainly is a pretty woman – with the right curves on the right places – though I wonder how the mixture of Perlman and her should produce a son like Momoa. Perlman looking like a brutish man from the stone-age (that is meant in the most positive way possible) and she looking like a delicate Indian flower. As always it will be down to Make-up, how she will look in the scene. The whole blood and mud combination though can produce practically any effect and look one can imagine. She has a very strong face and I hope those beautiful eyes are able to capture the viewer in her dying moments and evoke some emotion.