Another G.I.Joe joins the Conan Movie Cast – Said Taghmaoui

As reported by Hollywoodreporter, another actor from the G.I.Joe team joins the cast of the Conan Movie. Said Taghmaoui, who played the Breaker in G.I.Joe is going to join the cast and take over the role of a thief, that will be rescued by Conan. He will later on team up with Conan, to fight the character played by Stephen Lang. Now the really interesting part in this rumour is the short line stating:

Lang is a ruler in search of a queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of a long-lost god.

The former used “Acheron” is clearly not a long-lost god, but a kingdom. Does this mean the rewrite by Lobel and Hood has been so substantial, that it may fix some of the butchering of Conan lore? We can only hope that this quote was not taken lightly, but really based on a new story arch, that is more in line with Howard’s stories and world lore.

As I already wrote in the last article, the seed of hope has been planted in my heart and this little quote, yet again is a gush of water on dry earth.