Mickey Rourke is out Ron ‘Hellboy’ Perlman is in to play Conan’s father

As just reported by NyMag.com The Wrestler Mickey Rourke has signed off from playing Conan’s father and instead the infamous Ron Perlman has taken over the job literally in the last minute, since on the 9th March, Leo Howard wrote on his webpage, that he was flying over to Bulgaria to start shooting soon after. There is no additional info as to why Mickey or the producers changed their minds and how this change will affect the performance of the bunch.

Ron Perlman has some special connection with the Conan franchise, as he has already been the voice of Conan in the videogame made by THQ, and was supposed to voice over Conan in the comic adaption of the Red Nails shortstory by Robert E. Howard.

I am not entirely sure I like this rushed approach to this project, the last minute casting etc… because it makes the project look like rushed art, which is never a good thing. In most other, well done movies, the actors meet up 2-3-4 weeks prior to actual shooting and do test-readings, rehearsal, sometimes together with the writers and directors, to discuss their characters and to make last minute changes to the script and dialogue. In almost all movies, the directors claim that these readings brought the characters forward and empowered the actors to make it their own. In this movie everything is so last minute, that I don’t know if they’ve got the time to actually improve upon dialogue, script and the like. But we’ll have to see how it turns out in the end, before we cry foul of course!