Andrew McLaren rumoured to play Conan


We have been waiting a bit for an official answer on this rumour, but since we get the word from several angles that this might actually be true, we did not want to hold it from you any longer. It is rumoured that an actor for the role of the new Conan in the Conan Movie has finally been found: Andrew McLaren. (seriously good background music on that page 😉 )

He is a real tough guy and former military and it is rumoured he blew everyone away at the casting and won the job. Some who know him said he is already heavy at work with training to get into the right shape and reading up on REH’s yarns, to learn more about the character.

It remains to be seen if this rumour turns out to be true or if it is just another wishful thinking attempt of an actor that was part of the Open Casting Call for the Conan Movie. We will of course keep our eyes peeled on any official answer on this rumour and inform you in the instant we have an official word on it.