More screenwriters to have their try on Conan

Over the course of the last weeks and month REH fans have been in on a coaster-ride when it comes to the movie project. It all began, when the first writing team was announced (Oppenheimer/Donelly) and because of their track record did not earn many claps from the community. Later the writer team Blackman/McCain joined the cause, both showing a real interest in the works of REH, with active participation in the boards. Together with their passion for their own project Outlander and their open approach to communication on their blog earned them some appreciation with the REH fans.

Suddenly all was turned around, when it was announced that instead of B/M the O/D script was the one that “nailed” it, against public disdain for the first leaked versions of the script. The last weeks were filled with new, very disturbing rumours, a very disturbing casting call character description and a new review of a more recent version of the O/D script which didn’t show any improvement when it came to quality or REH respect. While everyone will understand, that liberties have to be taken, there is absolutely no reason to completely change the character of the stories into an emo-rock-hero type.

Now, after a petition has made it’s round through the web, Paradox has chosen to report another detail on the production of the movie on the official Conan boards. There is another team of unnamed writers to start with yet another rewrite of the script. We will see how that turns out for us fans of quality fantasy and REH.