Petition to scrap the Conan screenplay and start over!

The past few weeks have been turbulent to say the least. All fans of Conan, be it the Milius movie, the Marvel comics, the Dark Horse Comics, or of course the stories from the Master Robert E. Howard himself, got slapped in their face with the casting reveal and now with a plot synposis, that hints at a mediocre D&Dish fantasy flick at best, being far from what most of us had hoped for.

The REH community therefore organized a petition, to show, by the power of numbers, how many people would dislike a movie made off the present main plotline hinted at through the plot synposis or the casting reveal.

If you wanna join the cause, spread the word (the share button comes in handy) and sign the petition!

This is not meant to be the action of a bunch of childish upset fanboys, we really want to honestly portrait our deepest concern, through the power of numbers, that a movie like this could do serious damage not only to our REH-loving hearts, but the Conan license as a whole.