Conan Producer confirms: Casting Director has not been hired yet!

We all suspected the rumour to be well.. only a rumour, due to the fast debunking of it, by several well known and respected news sites around the globe, but now even the CEO of Paradox Entertainment Frederik Malmberg has confirmed that the casting director hasn’t even been hired yet, so no casting can take place right now.

Latinoreview had it right. We have not yet hired the casting director. And the script has been in constant work and is being worked on fram various angles until shooting starts. That is standard operating procedure.

While this clears up the rumour and fixes the fact that Kickinger really hasn’t been hired yet, it does not truly hint at him never being considered for the role so far either.

Since Paradox and Millenium both stated that the role for Conan will be searched through an open casting call – meaning theoreticly everyone can come to apply for the job… with some practical exclusions – the first thing that will happen is the official start of the casting before an actor can be chosen.

Bend you knees, flex your muscle and prepare some impressive growling and acting for the hopefully soon to be opened casting call for Conan the Cimmerian!