Mr. Malmberg talks about Conan screenplay and more…

As some of you know, Fredrik Malmberg, the CEO of Paradox Entertainment, is also a producer and major player in the development of the new Conan film. A short while ago he posted on the REH Forum some interesting information, including [edited line breaks for better readability]…

Where to start… I think by saying that the reason we have not been saying much up to date is because nothing was ready. No need to comment on something which is just an internet rumour, no matter how close to the source it comes from.

Now that we are embarking on the next phase, WE can start telling some FACTS. Scripts go thru many drafts before they are finished. Believe me, I was laughing out loud when I read somewhere that people thought all Cimmerians would be wiped out by werewolves and Conan was the Chosen One to avenge all Cimmerians. No no no.

You will surely know more about the plot, characters, and environs as we progress but for now I can tell you that our writers know their REH… We [Paradox] liase with the other companies involved, Millennium and Lionsgate, so it is a large group and everyone comes from a different angle with a different role.

My angle has always been that this is R rated, that we should not have a “star” portray Conan and that we rely less on CGI. Some other executives may have a different opinion but believe me that there is too much money involved to take any decision lightheartedly. We are all making this film because we think Conan has a huge potential audience out there, and we want to keep making more movies after this one so it has to be good!

With a filmmaker [Marcus Nispel] on board, our jobs shift to support him in all his efforts. It is a giant task to direct a movie of this scope. Hopefully I can convince him to spill some information to all of you in the course of production because I know you are all hungry for it and anxious that we not screw this up. The first real opportunity is around Comicon end of July. We will see if we can get a few words before then for you guys.

That wind roaring past your window is the huge collective sigh of relief as Conan and REH fans breathe a joyful sigh of relief.  Mr. Malmberg, with a few well chosen words, has reconnected the film to its most ardent fans and certainly created a renewed and avid interest in the upcoming Conan production.