Conan Director – Marcus Nispel?

It seems Dirk Blackwell wasn’t just blowing smoke.  According to writer, Devin Faraci, director Marcus Nispel (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) has been chosen to helm the new Conan film. Faraci boasted that his source is impeccable.

Nispel also directed the Vikings vs. Native Americans film, “Pathfinder,” which was received with decidedly mixed reactions from critics and fans.  According to CHUD, the producers are now looking for an unknown actor to take on the role of the Big Cimmerian.

As of now, production is scheduled to begin in late Summer, but quite a few film insiders are skeptical that the film can get off the runway that soon.  Nispel had announced plans to direct a Dracula film, but if this report is accurate that film will be put on the back burner.