Blackman and McCain are going to write the screenplay for the second Conan movie!

Dirk Blackman just wrote on his private Outlander blog, that himself and Howard McCain never got a chance to write the screenplay for Conan ONE. But instead they were asked to write a sequel to the movie based on the screenplay by Oppenheimer/Donelly! This is strange news, as the recently leaked Oppenheimer/Donelly script is miles, yards, aeons far away from anything that Howard ever wrote, be it style, storyline, character, motivation or world-canon.

If the script that was leaked to Latinoreview really is going to be the screenplay for the new Conan movie and Blackman and McCain cannot save us from this, then i really lost all my hope for any chance of success for this movie or it’s sequel. If you start a new line of Conan movies in the way Latinoreview described it, then no sequel can repair the damage done in the first one. All Cimmerians wiped out by Werewolves, Conan on an epic revenge plot against an evil wizard… that is plain and pure generic bull-dung.

The only chance i am seeing is that the first movie will be utter trash, due to an horrible screenplay and the second one will be another reboot of the story, with a proper screenplay, that does not spit on Howard’s stories and characters.

Seriously… i am at loss for words and i am deeply disappointed with Paradox and Millenium Films if that turns out to be true.

UPDATE: Dax posted in the Outerlanderblog comments that another guy reviewed the script of O/D. While his review sounds much more optimistic, the general basic errors made to the Conan character, that Latinoreview mentioned still remain and the fact that the general story still seems uninteresting is very underwhelming, because i think Howard was a natural storyteller, with a great ability not only to tell stories in a great way, but also tell great stories.

UPDATE 2: Blackman just confirmed on his private blog, that the review i posted in the first Update of this post is really the one Brett fell in love with and therefore the one they will for now go with.

Well… basing a movie, a start of a new franchise, on a script that cries cheap-generic story, to bring back to live a franchise that Robert E. Howard invented, maybe the most illogical and strange decsision i expected and i have no high hopes, that anything good will come out of the screenplay/project that is shunned by directors… for obvious reasons.