Spread the word of Conan!

Some of you might have noticed the little “Share” button that suddenly appears under every article. There you will find the possibility to share every news and article over dozens of different social networks, bookmarking systems and web rating platforms.

We introduced this so you can actively spread the word of the new Conan movie on the web, because even though some specialized movie pages pick up news and rumours about the movie from time to time, the general knowledge about the reboot of the Conan franchise on the big screen has not yet spreaded much farther than the horizon of the Conan fans.

So use the possibility to spread the word of Conan and twitter, facebook, reddit, whatever… the news and articles we post, so once the movie really gets going, we can start fueling the hype actively and help reviving the Conan franchise for the big audience through word-of-mouth and viral marketing! Many don’t realize the possibilities of these tools, but statistics have shown that with every year that goes by, these channels become more and more important to people and their lives and therefore as a place to find trustworthy information, that is not blurred by the marketing machinery of the big studios (aka trailers), but rated by people like themselves.