Lionsgate wants different director for Conan movie than Millenium/Paradox – UPDATE

Just some days ago, we reported that CHUD found out about a new favorite director after Brett Ratner officially left the directors chair. Now it seems even more rumours have been given to CHUD about which director Lionsgate would like to see. Apparently there are two names high up on their list: Christophe Gans and Neil Marshall. But then another source that is quoted as saying Markus Nispel is the most pursued director on the list.

It’s astonishing how the upcoming Conan movie manages to jump from one absolute No-No director on my list to the next. Markus Nispel directed Pathfinder, one of the most boring Sword movies i’ve watched in years. From beginning to the end the whole movie in my opinion shows no skill whatsoever in the department of cutting, screenplay, camera, direction or acting.

A story, a movie, a song everything is about tempo and flow. If something doesn’t flow you get dragged out of the immersion immediately and Pathfinder was one of those movies where i couldn’t get into the flow for longer than 5 minutes.

I really don’t like the sound of this news and i hope that Christophe Gans is also pursued, because at least he has shown more than once, that he can direct non-typical, interesting movies that always have something unique and special to them, which i think Conan deserves and needs to stand out.

UPDATE: And yet another rumour surfaced. Latinoreview published another Conan director rumour, that another inside source (it’s like the whole movie industry is full of holes) told them all the listed directors are not really on TOP of the list but instead its: PHIL JOANOU. On his list are several low profile movies and lately a generic sports movie with Dwayne Johnson (fun to watch btw. saw it in a sneak preview).

And so the wheel keeps spinning, the dance of directors is not yet over and we will have some more weeks of uncertainty until the rumoured release of big news on ComicCon this year!