Conan movie rumoured to be on hold until Arnold returns

An Arnold Schwarzenegger fanpage dug up a rumour from an inside source that the slow going reboot of the Conan movie has come to a full stop until Arnold would end his political career and return as King Conan himself.

The source claims that this surprising move was done, because the producers did not think that a Conan movie, with an unknown cast in the lead, would cash in the right amount of money to validate for the major investment needed to bring Conan to live on the big screen.

The story itself would still be a complete reboot and not connected to the Conan movies done in the 1980’s, so they renamed the project from King Conan to Conan the King.

The question is, if the inside source can be trusted, as this would be a major change from anything that has been stated officially by any part of the production team. Even the latest interviews with Brett Ratner who seemed to be involved with the project somehow, did not hint in any way that something like this was on the table. As always, these are just rumours we have to live with until an official word nullifies them. Stay tuned, get down and…. run to da choppa!

UPDATE: Another inside source said that this was an amusing rumour. You can all make what you want out of that, but you can be sure – I’ll be back 😉