Conan the Gambler

While we hold our breath waiting for news on the new Conan film, there is something happening on the licensing front. Paradox Entertainment (the owner of Conan Properties) announces in a press release today that everyone’s favorite barbarian is being turned into a new online game.

We are not talking of a new “Age of Conan”, however, but rather a casino game themed on the famous Cimmerian. It is Canadian gaming company Cryptologic that are creating the game, with the rights to market it in any country that allows gambling. The press release does not state what kind of casino game we are talking about, or what the role of Conan will be. I personally have some trouble picturing him black-haired, sullen-eyed and croupier-dressed. Having Conan chop the heads off players that give you a bad beat in hold ’em would be another matter..

The game is expected to be available by early 2010.