Solomon Kane film is finished!

Michael J. Bassett has announced on his private blog that his little baby the upcoming Solomon Kane – Solomon is another famous character from Robert E. Howard, hence we include this news here – film is finally wrapped, mixed, glossified and finished! Obviously he seems to like his own work and says:

It’s not gimmicky or contemporary, just a very classically made and beautiful to look at dark-fantasy-action-adventure.

And at least the very few set pieces he posted on the blog hint for a visually very appealing movie. With James Purefoy playing Solomon Kane, the movie already has a great actor in its lead. The cast also consists of Josiah Kane being played by the astonishing Max von Sydow and the red girl from “The Parfum” – Rachel Hurd Wood.

The only thing that is missing now, is a great trailer and the producers doing proper advertisement for it! We don’t want another Outlander to happen, so the best of luck to you Michael!